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Buy, Beware, and Sleeper


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Here is my list of players to look at, players to avoid, and players that could be hidden gems




Kyler Murray - Dual threat QB imo have the best value in fantasy and now with Hopkins, Murray could have an MVP type season


Derrick Henry - Henry showed exactly what he can do when he gets the bulk of the carries and I see this continuing this season.


Mike Evans and Chris Godwin - With a more efficient QB in Brady, I see better production for both wideouts


Jared Cook - Cook became a big weapon for Brees as he finally got a chance to produce as a TE1


Ravens D/ST - Ravens continue to add to their defense by tagging Juddon, signing Campbell, and drafting Queen. I can see them being the top defense in fantasy.




Tom Brady - Yes I'm contradicting myself, but I see the weapons benefiting more then Brady. I see Brady getting about 15 points a game which is average.


Nick Chubb - now I'm not saying Chubb doesn't have RB1 talent, but I think Hunt will go from a change of pace back to splitting carries which will effect Chubb's numbers


Any NE WRs - I am not touching any patriot weapon. I just don't trust Stidham nor do I see them having a good offense this year.


Hunter Henry - Obviously this depends on how well Taylor/Herbert play, but I do think the offense is gonna be more run focused.


49ers D/ST - Even with the drafting of Kinlaw, I do think the loss of Buckner will be very impactful for their defense also the 49ers defense has a first place schedule to compete with.




Josh Allen - Allen can be a very good QB option as we've already seen he can use his legs, but now we've seen he can make throws as well along with a new weapon in Diggs


Miles Sanders - Sanders had a very underrated rookie year imo. He was a threat for the eagles late in the year and can have a very good season this year as the top back.


Melcon Hardmon - Hardmon can be just as good as Hill for the chiefs offense as defenses have other weapons to worry about leaving Hardmon and his elite speed to make plays.


Cole Kmet - The Bears have Graham I know, but I can see Kmet really being a valuable target in this offense right out of the gates. Graham just hasn't been the same playmaker in years and he's in his 30s


Colts D/ST - Colts have some young and talented playmakers on defense accompanied with the easiest schedule based on last year's teams.



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