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NFC East Discussion Thread

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Post your thoughts and predictions below 


Redskins will win few games thanks to Chase Young but Haskins will also continue to struggle.


Cowboys put a lot of faith in Lamb giving him 88 so I expect him to be one of Daks new favorite targets. 



Eagles have solid team but I worry that Wentz has become too injury prone. 


I like that the Giants took Jones over Haskins and did good job repairing their OL in draft but think they are a few years away. 


1. Cowboys 

2. Giants 

3. Eagles 

4. Redskins 

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Pathetic division with tough schedule against NFC West and AFC North.. then Eagles and Cowboys have to play top teams of NFC North and NFC South..




Forget about it, this division is going to be even worse!


But remember, NFC East never had a repeat champion in a decade or so.


Close your eyes, it's not good for viewing.


Cowboys 8-8.

Eagles 8-8.

Giants 4-12

Redskins 1-15


21 wins, 43 losses.


Favorite spanked kids of all the NFL.


Redskins at least get the #1 overall draft pick, which they missed last draft to finally replace Haskins.

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