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Film session with Turay

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Interesting takeaway from listening.....


Turay likens himself to be more like Mathis (in athleticism and bend) whereas Mathis sees Chandler Jones. I don't really care about those comps as I see Turay as a rising star whomever he is compared to.


However, the Turay comparison of Banogu to Houston has me intrigued quite a bit!!!!! Now that it has been mentioned, I kinda see it in some of his play from last year - before he hit the rookie wall.

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Very glad to see how much influence Mathis has had on Turay.  It's always cool to see an ex-Colt great contributing and helping out our young talent.  Seems as though Reggie helps a bit, but I don't recall anyone like Mathis who remained so involved with the horseshoe and helping develop young talent so much.


Also, very cool to hear how appreciative Turay is of Mathis.  He seems like a good dude.

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    • they cant just go from waiver claim to practice squad on another team, he would have to be on their roster a while before they can do that.
    • It will be interesting to see how Watson does without Hopkins. If they won the division again that would show me a lot. Losing Hopkins is a huge blow.
    • That's fair. Watson is mostly due to age, but I think he's finally good enough to lead them to the playoffs. However, they will decline soon with some contracts running out. I see Luck as 32 in football years because I believe he'd be rusty for a year. Just a guess though. I would take Watson too because I feel he's non injury-prone, and that's good for a long-term answer at QB. I would take Luck back in a heartbeat though as long as we didn't have to pay him anything if he retired again.
    • I got my refund notice email today. 
    • Like I posted, I can see the other 3 being rated higher but Watson has only 1 playoff win in his career, never has been to a championship game either. Luck has 4 playoff wins and has been to a championship game. Watson has never had a season where he has thrown for 40 TD's either, Luck has had one (2014) and in 2018 Luck had 39 - nearly 2. Luck outplayed Watson by a mile in their 2018 playoff matchup. So I disagree Watson is better, he is younger but not better. Luck is only 31 so it is not like he is old. Rodgers is even a lot older.
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