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Which UDFA could stick?

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rodrigo probably does have the best chance.  its going to be tough year for udfa in general with the off season being mostly cancelled or shorter than normal 


we still have over 20 million$ they could spend and no major glaring holes for an undrafted rookie to slide in 

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Hot Rod has a good chance as he only has to compete against one guy.....


One of Kendall Coleman or; Kameron Cline have a chance depending on what the plan is for Autry or Lewis as defensive ends or 3Tech defensive tackles. 


O'Donnell has a chance as a back-up tackle. If he shows anything in the off-season or preseason I doubt he could be stashed on the PS with as many suitors he had as an UDFA.

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Bases on the cash they paid, the OL from Canada, o'connell?

Based on the highlights I saw? D'michael smith, the wr 

Actually played RB this year --- fast and can catch!

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Hot Rod.  I like Chase and felt a lot more comfortable with PAT's with him over V.

         he report is Hot Rod has a stronger leg, for the 50 yard plus kicks. Advantage Hot Rod


Kendall Coleman, working with Robert Mathis is an advantage with his endorsement


O'Donnell.  Good size, with a wrestling background, Canadian All-Star


The next few are interesting.

Wellington is just a good versatile football player.  Wonder if the Colts was considering         drafting him over Glasgow, similar size at the same position.  Played high school QB, RB, Defense and ran a couple kickoffs back for TD's

Donald Rutledge has decent size for the safety position, 6-1, 210, with a bunch of tackles

         and a few interceptions

Cameron Kine:  Similar to Windsor but not quite

Williams DT 6-2 302, good enough to be invited to the Hula Bowl and East/West Shrine game.   

            Look active in his highlights but then again they all do, it's highlights.


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