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AV wants to return, may not be healthy for start of season

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Sign him to a weird one game deal, and if we’re up by a large amount let him kick that 600 and then be done with it if we want to play the nice card. 

I wish he had decided to retire along with Luck to be honest, I hate that this is how he is viewed now. Maybe he needs to sit down with Favre for a heart to heart on just letting it go...

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What's the reason behind bringing back AV? Has he shown you anything as of late that warrants the belief of solid play?


If so, how could you give AV an excuse that he should be on the team, but yet want to get rid of Brissett? If its play then its play. If not then its something personal.

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I'm thinking he's probably not going to be ready for training camp which "let's us off the hook." 


Lets say he's healthy around the middle of October. There is always a PK that poops the bed or is injured. So A.V. is now available to audition for those spots. I think that's his most likely path if he wants to return.

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16 hours ago, PureLuck said:


We'll see - Sanchez has done pretty good on kickoffs so far, so why would you change that?

Having to practice kickoffs along with punts puts more wear and tear on the leg, plus it’s a different motion. If the place kicker can do the job, let him, and let the punter focus on punting. From training video I’ve seen of Blanky, he should have no issue with kickoffs. 

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On 4/30/2020 at 2:34 PM, coltsva said:


I agree with the first bolded, but I will respectfully disagree with the second bolded. IMO, it's Blankenship's job to lose. I believe he will be doing FG's XP's, and also kickoffs for the Colts when game 1 rolls around. I do think Chase is solid and will land a job somewhere.

Could keep both and cut the punter lol

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Let’s face it, good kickers are hard to find.  But even IF he was ready to go game 1 and he kicked 100% this year... this HAS to be his last, right?  It looks to me like he would retire if he were not close to records.  Seeing him do that with us would be cool, but worth the risk?  Also, this team is kinda starting “fresh” in some ways anyway.  The last thing this team needs is another injury related kicking drama.  It would suck the life out of the whole organization i feel.

  On the other hand, we picked up an interesting option last year that looked pretty good , imo.  We also have an interesting rookie prospect with potential.  I dont see much, if any drop-off from them to Vinny (the vinny of now).

  Thosec2 can battle it out.  Added bonus is saving some cap money.  NOTHING would ruin my season more  than to roll with Vinny and he starts missing kicks out the gate.  I even think I could bear it more with the other 2   That stretch last year was unbearable.

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On 4/30/2020 at 6:17 PM, coltsfanej said:

And in my experience as a Registered Nurse. Geriatrics generally take longer to recover  lol

That you Focker?  Mr Gaylord Focker?


You dirty Focker, picking on the elderly like that!

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Respect to Adam V.  However it’s time to retire.  He will go down in history as the Greatest Kicker Of All-time regardless.  Hopefully the Colts make the right decision here if Adam is unable to.  At the very least let him compete for his job and go out on his shield.  Because no way should he win the job over Blankenship or McLaughlin. 

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Watched some of the Packers vs Patriots Super Bowl game last night. AV was the kicker for the Pats. Brett Favre was the QB for Packers and former Bears QB Jim McMahon, who played in the 1985 SB was his backup. AV been around a long... long time! 

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    • Not sure how I feel on all the Rodgers stuff, but I did say in another thread I could see him in SF. I think it's way too early to make any definitive calls. I think Rodgers was just on TV today downplaying his post game comments. If I were him though, I'd definitely be looking to pull a Brady and find a sunny destination that wants to go all-in.   I really like Miami for Watson. Not sure I like Watson for Miami though lol... If I were Watson, it would be my preferred landing spot. No way I'd go to NYJ over Miami. Carolina or LVR would also be good spots. I'm sure Gruden would be happy to trade Carr and draft capital to get Watson.
    • He may have very well moved the franchise either way but by declaring Eminent Domain it forced his hand to do it.  Again I am not defending Bob Irsay, man was a horrible owner and I am so glad his son is nothing like him.  I am just saying the city forced his hand rather he was going to do it or not.  Irsay is clearly not blameless in this but neither is the city of Baltimore.  There is a reason no other city has tried that after Baltimore did.  They learned the lesson.  
    • I could actually see Watson going there, I never believed Tua would be great either. Too injury prone for one and as a rookie he didn't look good. Fitzpatrick looked better IMO. 3 scenario's I could see playing out are Watson gets traded to Miami, Rodgers gets traded to SF, and Stafford gets traded to us. We will see how accurate I am with this, Rodgers may even retire? I don't see him playing another game another game in GB, his body language after that loss was bad.
    • Here's the Lions team needs (farther below), so Oke would fit the bill. Given his performance and PFF though this year, not sure he'd be something that tilted the scale. If Carolina, Denver, Dallas, or San Fran wanted to be players, we'd have to make up a decent delta between draft picks. So for instance, if Detroit's asking price is a first, and next year's second,   San Fran's #12 is basically worth our #12 AND our #54 out of the gate. And we'd still have to give them next year's 2nd. Oke isn't worth a #54 IMO. Rock might perk their interests given CB is a primary need. It's a decent draft for CBs, so not sure he'd close the gap either. Also something to consider, Detroit's cap space is about zero. They'd save of course 20ish by letting Stafford go, but still won't be looking to spend big (so our rooks, on rook deals, might be attractive).   Primary - QB, WR, CB Secondary - LB, IDL, OT, LB, IDL Ancillary - WR, S, EDGE No need - TE, RB   Here are the teams and draft pick that could be looking for a QB before us 8 Carolina 9 Denver 10 Dallas 11 NYG 12 San Fran 15 Pats 19 Wash 20 Chicago   Bears and Giants are in the negative on cap space, Panthers don't have a much (5.5). San Fran 9.3, but they'd save by cutting Jimmy.
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