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Retired back in late 2007. Was addicted to that game like crack. I was more into the melee tourney subculture, zeal & ww barbs. D3 has officially announced a release date of May 15th. It's set in stone and not being pushed back this time. It's been what, 4+ years since it was announced?

When it drops I'll contact you with my account details and we'll play that sucka.

Heck yeah man, I was primarily into pvp smite/chargers but also liked pvp barbs, whirl wind druids ect. We will definitely have to start it up when D3 comes out. Always nice to have someone to tag along with. Keep in touch with that.

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I'm really starting to enjoy the Broncos forum. They are welcoming of Colts fans. Just 2 things to not do:

1) Don't get involved in any threads about or involving Tebow. Let the long time Denver fans hash that out.

2) Don't use the term Broncolts.

3) Don't insinuate that Manning is better than Elway.

They'll have to figure that out on their own.

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