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What Ballard has done with the last three first round picks

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In before the people that say the extra players don’t count bc there were other trades. Ballard has built quality depth and 3 star players.  Add a couple more blue chip players(May have one in Taylor) and the QB position and we could be back to owning the division again. 

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30 minutes ago, KelownaColtsFan said:

Those 3 Ballard picks produced 9 times as many players as Grigsons first 4 complete drafts (30 picks total plus the Richardson trade) From 2012-2015 only TY is left on the team.


Makes you appreciate Ballard so much more.

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Irsay got it right this time. I am glad Ballard is our GM, he always has a plan. Winning the Super Bowl isnt easy.. finding a great QB isnt easy.. the games are pretty much always 50:50 with good teams these days and anything can happen. One bad break and it's over. It goes both ways. So I think we as fans need to put things in perspective sometimes. 


Nobody is perfect and mistake-free, especially not in the NFL. But the way Ballard runs the show in Indy, is everything you can ask for as a fan IMO! 

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He sure seems to be a master at moving down and up in the draft. 

Most everyone thought they had him figured out after last years draft on what he would and wouldn't do. 

He sure proved that wrong this off season. 

The only thing we have leaned about Ballard is he is unpredictable.  (and very good at his job)

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Weird when you look back on how he started. He had some impressive picks --- Marlon mack, walker, grover Stewart. But he also had BIG missed--- zach banner, basham.

But he is on one truly impressive hot streak. As a fan, this is cake.

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