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5 minutes ago, wordofmouth said:

I'm pretty sure he will run very well for us right away. I think we will see more of him on first and second down then people think.  But I remember  Bill Polian  saying that most good running backs come into the league and they are ready to run at an NFL level. What ends up determining how much playing time they get ( putting health aside for a second) is weather or not they learn how to pass protect and slip open for a check down even if they are not great receivers.  How quickly he progresses, in this regard, I have no idea. But I have no doubt that he will be a beast with the ball right out of the gate. 






From everthing I gather, Tom Rathman is a wonderful RB coach. So, I think Taylor might very well learn fast. You just don't know how fast the uptake will be.

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24 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

Not to be harsh on college coaches but the pro coaches are the best in the business. Positional coaches don't get the credit they deserve but the players get very attached to them. 

Some kids never grow out of habits though. Not saying that's the case, but it happens. It's why we see so many QBs come and go.

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25 minutes ago, TrueBlue12 said:

I agree with you on that too. Taylor is a talent. No doubt. He might still have problems with pass protection and preventing costly fumbles in his rookie year though.

I'm not going to worry about things he was good at. Sure he'll have to learn and improve, but I'm only concerned about his existing flaws. RBs are early producers in the league, and I expect a 2nd rounder (which is high for a RB these days) to produce early. I'm sure he'll be fine.

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23 minutes ago, TrueBlue12 said:

You may be absolutely right. Heck, I hope he can stand up pass rushers. Wisconsin was a run heavy offense led by Taylor. I don't know they had NFL caliber pass rushers to defend in pass protection.

Wiscy had one of their better passing teams last year to be honest. Most passing yards by a QB since Wilson in 2011

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28 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

Hey ES, i’m sure you have an opinion.

How do Taylor and Dobbins stacknagainst each other in your eyes?  I’m just curious as it seems more in media had Dobbins over Taylor.  Their stats are nearly identical.  Size too.

Similar backs. Taylor had better and more consistent rushing (avg 2000/year), while Dobbins was more consistent receiving over 3 years (200/year). Taylor is a bit faster. Dobbins had better surrounding talent (OL, QB, WRs), so you could say Taylor achieved more with less as the O's focal point, while Dobbins was just a piece of an O that is always very talented and good.


One could say that Dobbins has less mileage, and perhaps more well rounded (rushing and receiving). Or one could say that Taylor is more productive rushing and simply didn't have a passing O scheme to throw him the ball.


I really like both. Personally, I prefer Taylor's vision, burst, and blocking ability better than Dobbins. Only things that concern me about Taylor is the fumbles and mileage. He should get a break on the body with Mack sharing carries, and I'm sure he'll get good coaching on the fumbles. 

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34 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I think Rathman will coach him on the fumbling problem. Wasn't most of his fumbles his 1st season in college anyway, I am not sure? 

In his 41 career games, Taylor has fumbled a total of 18 times, with 15 of those recovered by the opposing team.






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I think Taylor will have about 10-15 touches and 4 of them to the house then Mack will take over. This way we won't over use Taylor down the road since he had a lot of carrie's in college. Possibly save him for the big dance.

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4 hours ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

people need to seriously pump the breaks on this guy i loved the pick too but damn the guy hasn't even had 1 NFL practice and he was also ran into the ground at Wisconsin 


if he was anything like EE he sure as he'll wouldn't have been pick in the 2nd round and would have easily been the 1st RB taken in the draft 

That's  not true. Teams get paranoid when a back has a lot of carries  in college, but it didn't  affect  hersel Walker,  ladanien Tomlinson,  michael turner and a few others 

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45 minutes ago, Stephen said:

That's  not true. Teams get paranoid when a back has a lot of carries  in college, but it didn't  affect  hersel Walker,  ladanien Tomlinson,  michael turner and a few others 

I remember when Dallas drafted Emmitt Smith, most said it was a bad pick because he had knee issues coming out of college lmao . Yeah he only lasted 15 seasons.

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He wasn’t picked in the 2nd round to ride the pine. He will probably end up alternating series with Mack. 

By the way, it took Henry 4 years and 10 games to become a star.  He only had 1 100 yard game in their first 9 games last year.  In game 10 against KC,  he started busting loose and the Titans started their run. He has by no means been a superstar and nobody feared the Titans,  so comparing him to Henry coming out of college is not that big of a deal. 

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