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Which non-Colts team drafts did you like?

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Of all the non-Colts teams, whose drafts did you like?


For me, it were the Ravens, Vikings, Broncos and if you like Madden and speed on offense, the Raiders.

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The Bills had a great draft. Basically for Stephon Diggs for a 1st.  Got another 1st round talent in Epenesa.  I really wanted the Colts to take him with the 44th pick in the 2nd round.   Got a solid RB to pair with Singletary in Moss.  Got a solid outside WR in Gabriel Davis, I also wanted him in the later rounds. Jake From for their long term backup QB was also a nice pick up.  Kind of an opposite of Josh Allen. 

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I think a lot of teams had a really good draft. Including the Colts.


Louis Riddick on ESPN said he thinks we had the best draft, if you include Buckner(which you should).





Minnesota(how could they not, had almost whole round of picks...lol)





I could keep going but this was an epic draft league wide. I thinm the league did a great job with it as well. Very respectful of the moment in time and everything we are dealing with.


Good job NFL.


Roger Goodell became a legend this weekend I think.?

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10 minutes ago, BProland85 said:

Outside of us, Cowboys, Ravens, and Cardinals had good drafts. Remember the Cardinals 2nd rounder was basically DeAndre Hopkins. 

I would include the Panthers in that discussion too.

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Depends on category.  The Panthers had the best defensive draft I've seen in years because......that's all they drafted.  But that defense should improve exponentially as they got my favorite player in the draft Derrick Brown.  Best haul of the draft would go to the Vikes for not only players but the sheer amount of picks they had.  IMHO best overall draft goes to the Ravens.  LOVE what they did.

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4 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

Broncos are building a offensive team that can compete with KC. They are loaded.

So did the raiders. We will hace our hands full in the afc

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There were several good drafts.  What was most fascinating was seeing the individual strategies play out and understanding the short and long-term visions of GMs both old and new.  


NFL rookie head coach Matt Rhule smashes it with 7 great picks... all on defense


Howie Roseman silently announces to a baffled world that he's ahead of the curve on quarterback grooming strategy.


Dave Caldwell quietly had a great draft despite not being able to unload Ngakoue and Fournette.


Jerry Jones, of all people, sticks to his board.  


Tom Telesco has the 17 remaining Chargers fans excited about a post-Rivers world.


The Ravens do what you do in Fantasy Football when you can can pick your own draft slot:  Go all the way near the back, to 11 or 13, and let everyone else in front of you make poor choices.  I was a teacher for 11 years.  I'm a professional poor choice observer.


Bill Belichik drafted like his dog was making the picks.  At least that's what NFL "analysts" are saying and will continue to say for the next couple years until this year's class wins the SB again on their 5th year option.  Which of those outcomes will be closer to the truth?


Perhaps I'm biased, but I don't see anyone else having a better draft than the Colts:


Tampa isn't the only team who landed a HOF QB.

We got a Top-3 three tech defender with our 13th pick and got to call our own shot in doing it.

We got a starting RB and WR to complete a stunning offensive overhaul... and yes, we got a G.

Ballard trades both up and down, getting the guys he wants... including a developmental QB.

Starting with 8 picks, we end up with 9 players not counting Buckner.  

Finally, we sign K Rodrigo Blankenship, who could have gone in round 6 as the #1 prospect.


So we pretty much got 11 players, some of whom were hand picked without waiting in line.

That's to go with an obscene FA haul.  This team went from "Club at a Crossroads" to "Ballin' for the 'Bowl" in like 49 days.  Who, not named Tampa, did better than that?


It was a rock star draft with some rock star GMs... AND WE'VE GOT ONE OF 'EM!

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Chargers, I was expecting OL help earlier for Herbert and it didn’t come till Day 3, that has to be a concern given how little time Rivers has last year.

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I think the Giants has a “sneaky good” draft by getting what could be 3 OL spots knocked out with Thomas, Peart and Lemieux to go along with a young Willie Hernandez....and they could gel into a great young O-line.


Xavier McKinney and  Darnay Holmes are nice additions to their secondary as well.

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Dobbins is gonna be a stud in Baltimore. But a guy nobody is really talking about is Duvernay. I think he’ll start for them this year and be a really nice weapon for Jackson out of the slot. 

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There were a lot of good draft IMO. 


Cowboys are one for sure: Lamb, Diggs, Gallimore, and possibly a future center.


Cardinals impressed me passing on an OT and getting Simmons then still getting Josh Jones later. Then two decent valued DTs in the 4th.


Browns: say what you want about them as a team but their draft was spectacular. Wills, Delpit, Jordan Elliot, Jacob Phillips, Harrison Bryant. Lots of solid, good valued talent




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I thought the Cardinals did a great job this offseason. They got incredible talent for Kyler Murray in free agency with Hopkins, and I’m still amazed they landed Josh Jones. 

But the Vikings stole the show. They found their Diggs replacement and potential answers to the CB position. The sheer volume was insane (16 picks!). They even managed to bolster their defensive line, which was already a strength to begin with (ask Drew Brees). Hats off the Minnesota.

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Miami didn’t really have a “sexy draft” other that Tua. But they may have had the best honestly. If Tua is the real deal. If he can stay healthy they have their franchise QB. Then they drafted 2-3 offensive linemen that could be really good starters. Jackson and Hunt should both be beasts. So they got Tua and they got his protection. Put a healthy Tua behind a stacked OL like they’re building and it could be something special. 


Then on D. They got Noah I!??!?!? The corner from Auburn. I can’t spell that last name lol. He has the potential to be a nice piece in their secondary. Reakwon Davis at DT. Plus they grabbed Curtis Weaver Who I thought was gonna go in the 3rd. They got him in the 5th. Brandon Jones At S too. 

We’ll see. It could be a franchise altering draft for the Dolphins. 

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