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Colts draft Jordan Glasgow LB/S Michigan

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11 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

Jordan Glasgow I'm  assuming?


Sorry. Had to :monkeydance:

Well as long as he doesn’t get called Glass, that seems like a bad sign for a football player.

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Got to be for ST only. Too small for LB. Too slow for S. An overachiever. I’m scratching my head on this one but then, this is the kind of player who becomes the fan favorite so we’ll see. 

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1 hour ago, holeymoley99 said:

ST linebacker who will push Franklin off the roster, 2 brothers both in NFL so has the genes. Outworked everyone on his squad last year.

I hope so because franklin is horrible in coverage when he's on the field

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    • I will have to respectfully Disagree.  It's the Colts colors,  uniform, and Horseshoe that makes our organization.  And we had 3 or 4 World Championships in Baltimore. And voted the Greatest QB of All Time in Unitas, and maybe one just as great in Bert Jones if his injuries didn't hamper and shorten his career.    Both cities have had their stars, too numerous to mention.   The Football Gods  mercifully gave us Manning that rescued the horseshoe from mostly 2 decades of ineptness. Without Manning, in which we Dominated the Decade, we may be going on the better part of 4 decades without being consistently significant.    Many of us were fans in Baltimore,  and remained fans during many lean years from Jones to Manning in indy. Ofcourse,  its understandable for people in Indiana only started following them since the move in '84 not to have any allegiance to their prior history.   But to many of us we're loyal fans regardless of city we play in. Even if would have moved to LA. lol
    • Thanks for your input!!! I'll  take your word on Ryan. I'm  going to go ahead and start Fant over Waller tonight. Thanks again...
    • I think maybe 16,750 which is 25% their original goal. So no many more than yours but still more. I am hopeful too, just cuz I have BAL, TEN, HOU games to go to with my season ticket plan
    • I got an appointment in the morning so I will actually be up already. The game may be move to 7pm EST if it is the only game tomorrow just FYI. I am assuming Saturday would be late if there is one, even more depending on CFB games
    • It's why I keep telling people that it's because that entire organization is poisoned to the roots. Those of us that have followed them now for a period of time after having followed other, actual champion organizations for decades previously (in my case, the Steelers) really do know what we're saying. It's really not that difficult to see the differences.   Yet the ones 99% of the public blame for it are the handful of truly great players they've had there, and they're the ones who have been the greatest victims of it. Really a shame.
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