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My biggest gripe with Ballard’s roster construction...

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I really have no idea who’s jersey to get! 







This will be a hell of a difficult choice and Ballard needs to be more conscious of this when he’s bringing in all these awesome players. Please Chris, draft some mundane players like a Nose Tackle or Kicker with your next picks. 

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I agree.... 56 Nelson. The kid has spunk and is a leader, and he makes the OL play with fun. Now with JT and Mack the OL is just going all out and make Chicken Fried Steak out of the defense. In making Chicken Fried Steak, you beat down the meat and then you coat it and fry it.  Run and beat the crap out of the DL in 1H and then throw in the 2H after you ripped out their will to win.


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One thing to contemplate is that Q or Buckner will not change their numbers. I could see Pittman and Taylor having one number in TC but changing after cuts are made. I would like to see Taylor rocking the #32 here and be the first real bell cow back we’ve had since Edge. 

These are the decisions that keep me up at night. 

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