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QB Ball Velocity Combine Results

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Maybe a little late than never, but I thought I'd post this table of results retrieved from OURLADS.  This is a compilation of Ball Velocity for mainly those QBs who threw at the combine this year.  I added in names that you might recognize from previous years for comparison.  Use the information as you like.  Enjoy:


Josh Allen Wyoming 62 (Left) 62 (Right)

Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 59 (Left) 60 (Right)

Jacob Eason Washington 59 (Left) 59 (Right)

Josh Rosen UCLA 57 (Left) 59 (Right)

Jake Luton Oregon State 59 (Left) 56 (Right)

Steven Montez Colorado 58 (Left) 59 (Right)

Kevin Davidson Princeton 57 (Left) 56 (Right)

Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech 55 (Left) 55 (Right)

Justin Herbert Oregon 55 (Left) 54 (Right)

Gardner Minshew Washington State 55 (Left) 53 (Right)

James Morgan Florida International 54 (Left) 54 (Right)

Drew Lock Missouri 54 (Left) 53 (Right)

Jordan Love Utah State 54 (Left) 53 (Right)

Daniel Jones Duke 53 (Left) 54 (Right)

Jalen Hurts Oklahoma 54 (Left) 51 (Right)

Jake Fromm Georgia 53 (Left) 53 (Right)

Nate Stanley Iowa 52 (Left) 54 (Right)

Jarrett Stidham Auburn 53 (Left) 52 (Right)

Dwayne Haskins Ohio State 52 (Left) 52 (Right)

Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State 52 (Left) 52 (Right)

Anthony Gordon Washington State 52 (Left) 51 (Right)

Mitch Trubisky North Carolina 51 (Left) 50 (Right)

Brian Lewerke Michigan State 51 (Left) 49 (Right)

Cole McDonald Hawaii 51 (Left) 47 (Right)

Shea Patterson Michigan 50 (Left) 51 (Right)

Lamar Jackson Louisville 49 (Left) 49 (Right)

Kelly Bryant Missouri 47 (Left) 45 (Right)

Deshaun Watson Clemson 45 (Left) 45 (Right)

Joe Burrow – did not throw

Tua Tagovailoa – did not throw

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7 minutes ago, Dr. T said:

What was Andrew Luck? I wonder. :scratch:

He and RGIII Did not throw.  Cousins was up there, 59.  Foles 57.  Wilson 55.


Year before:  Dalton and Newton 56


Other years:  JB, 56, Wentz 57, Goff 56


Not that velocity is everything, but Love, Hurts, and Fromm are each 54 or below.

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While all I’ve seen are highlights, they do show what someone is capable of.  And he does have a cannon, and he is capable of all the touch throws as well.  Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how he looks off the highlight reel.  Looking forward to seeing this guy develop.  And fingers crossed that we answered our long term QB dilemma with a 4th round pick.

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A high velocity QB is like a high velocity baseball pitcher.

If either can't hit the strike zone it don't matter.

Manning never really had a cannon arm but his accuracy was what made him great. 

Jeff George had one of the biggest cannon arms in NFL history and it didn't relate to wins. 

An old QB named Jim Hart threw passes that were described as leaving vaper trails. He went 71-77-3 in his career. 

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As some have mentioned, I don't see a lot of absolute conclusions from the numbers.    


Its a game of inches, and having the ball arrive a split second faster might be the result of 2 or 3 mphs more velocity.


It also seems that a human being, even the best of the best, lacks the capability of throwing a football much faster than 60 mph.  Kinda like the 100 mph fastball.

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On 4/28/2020 at 12:21 PM, ztboiler said:

Unless QBs are loading up for max velocity suitable to game conditions...this is pretty useless, albeit novel, trivia.


Throwing without touch isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Yeah, I assume the velocity posted is the fastest pass the QB threw of any passes thrown at the combine, but who knows.


I would assume they have the QBs throw the same passes, the same patterns, in the same sequence, combine after combine in order to get a steady set of comparisons.  Obviously throwing a 10 yard pass is not going to have the same velocity as a 50 yard pass.  They probably only measure velocity on the passes that it would matter, bombs, deep outs, so in that respect it probably does try to replicate game conditions because certain patterns require velocity to be successful.

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On 4/24/2020 at 4:12 PM, Dr. T said:

What was Andrew Luck? I wonder. :scratch:

Luck was estimated at one time to be low 50s (like 53ish) IIRC.

Manning was clocked I believe at 59. I know he was estimated to be around 58 or 59 on short stuff late in his career. He was ranked above Luck in arm strength even after his injury.

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10 minutes ago, throwing BBZ said:

  This would say that Fromm has enough arm. As long as he is throwing on platform perhaps.


That's what I noticed too.  Makes me wonder if we shouldn't have gone for Fromm given that the big problem everyone had with Fromm was if he could throw the ball fast enough.  Other than being athletic he checked most of the other boxes.  


But he's throwing faster than Watson and just 2 MPH shy of Mahomes.  


But as you said it may be possible that he might be below average throwing off his platform. 

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