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Who does everyone say we take tonight? Trade back or forward; with who? Any good guesses?


My three picks today gonna be a little different. I've noticed Ballard normally likes to double up on positions throughout the draft.  


34 Tee Higgins - Get a bigger body receiver for Rivers and it's our biggest position of need imo.

44 Michael Pittman Jr or Denzel Mims - Getting another receiver in hopes of not hearing receiver being a position of need for the next three years with a hopeful extension for TY. Then we have Campbell, Higgins, and Pittman (or Mims) for 3 more years+. 

75 Robert Hunt G/T - Lets get some line depth with Haeg leaving.  

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Unless Ballard thinks Indy will be the support system he needs, I don't really see Tee Higgins as being the right character fit for this team.  Ballard only has to find 1 guy he really likes from over 100 WR prospects.  It could be KJ Hill in the 4th round or Stephen Guidry in the 7th.  I don't think we NEED to take a WR tonight.


100% of the Guards are still on the board, so if we take one early you can rest assured he was "our guy."


I have a feeling that Jaylon Johnson will be one of our picks.  He has the ability to cover the slot, giving us 3 corners who can all provide that coverage along with Kenny Moore and TJ Carrie.


I also think Jeremy Chinn is in the conversation despite McKinney being out there.  


All of the Centers except Ruiz are still out there and Ryan Kelly will be very expensive the rest of the way.  Too bad we couldn't have swung a deal with New Orleans for him.  Getting a 3rd round starter to save you about $10 mil/yr sounds pretty good.





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Irsay has a twitter contest for guessing the first 2 picks.  I went with YGM and Claypool.  I'm not sure Ballard can help himself with 2nd Rd edge rushers, lol.  And Ballard loves measurables and Claypool is dripping with them.  I can't really say any position, outside of kicker, would surprise me though.  Going to be interesting for sure.

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I've been on record as saying that we will absolutely choose a WR with #34.  Of all the variety of needs on this team, all of them have been addressed in one way or another through free agency (Rivers, Buckner, Rhodes, Castonzo, etc) EXCEPT at wide receiver.  That says to me that our primary solution at the WR position will be through the draft.

Within this framework, I've said that Michael Pittman is the safer pick, while Denzell Mims has a higher upside.  And we will most likely pick one of these two players.

UNLESS Josh Jones is in play.  We may have signed Castonzo to a 2-year deal, but after that, he's GONE.  We absolutely need to address the LT position.  And of all the quality tackles in the draft, the best left tackles would all be gone early in the 1st round, and the rest are right tackles.  The only quality LT who might drop out of the 1st round is Josh Jones.  And if he's there, we just might choose him at #34, relying on the depth of the WR position to give us a decent pick later at #44. 

So, although I'm pretty certain we would draft one of the two WR's, I wouldn't be surprised if we picked Jones.

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With the understanding that we mockers are 99% wrong...going a different direction


If no trade, then...

34: Epenesa DE (Replacement for Sheerd)

44: Davidson DT/DE 


Both will have on field production in 2020. 


D-Line: Houston (contract ends next year) Buckner, Davidson, Autry (contract ends next year) Epenesa. Stewart...Lewis...

3rd-4th round... Top OL, WR, S or CB...


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