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Saints looking for trade partner to shop RG Larry Warford

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Since the Saints drafted OC/RG Cesar Ruiz and the prior to the draft was already open to trading RG Larry Warford would the Colts be interested in making a trade offer for him?  Now the Colts ourselves have also been vocal about moving on from FS Malik Hooker and I would even make an offer to swap FS players Hooker for the Saints FS Marcus Williams and combo RG Larry Warford.  Not exactly sure what would cost us but have to think at least offering up one of our 2020 second round picks.


Both of the Saints players Williams and Warford are on their last contract year including the Colt's Hooker.  Haven't seen how cap space would affect each team but could this be a potential win-win scenario for both clubs?

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Something else to consider about the Saints draft this year is that they traded away their 2nd Round pick and only have one pick in each Rounds 3-6.  Have to think the Saints are looking to add draft picks.

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1 hour ago, csmopar said:

Maybe I missed it, but where are you getting these Hooker trade reports from?

Apparently teams were calling us about Hooker, but the initial messaging from the major outlets was "Hooker on the trade block". Despite getting clarification that we aren't actively shopping Hooker and just had other teams calling us about him, some people on this forum have jumped on the "trade Hooker" bandwagon and somehow think it's a legitimate option.

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