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Ballard for two guys that will contribute day one.    

By the end of today, Goodell will be reading the picks from his bed

Buckner is a freakin all-pro. Relax.

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3 minutes ago, stitches said:

I remember you got the athletic center last year too... I guess it makes sense in your type of offense that wants to run tons of outside zone. I remember he had trouble with playstrength too though. Cleveland has similar worries in his game - to the point that some question his competitiveness. I don't know about that. He has freaky athletic traits though, this type of athletes don't usually bust so... here's hoping for the best, I guess :cheers:


Great. I appreciate reading your impressions. We can't afford players to bust. So, I hope you're right.

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Only safety on the board left that I like is Ashtyn Davis. 


Panthers having a great draft so far. Don't know who they are putting at corner, but the defense has definitely improved.


Brian Burns, Kawaan Short, Derrick Brown, Yetur Gross Matos is a nasty D-Line.

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1 minute ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


That dog is making quite a few trades...


"I'll give you #58 for #61 and a Milkbone"  :wag:


"Don't try and fleece me Andy Reid, I won't budge for anything less that 3 tennis balls, Jerry Jones is already offering 3 tennis balls AND I get to sniff Daks' butt for 2 minutes"

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1 hour ago, EastStreet said:

Not always. Like I said, I'm fine with it. In general, I just don't care for early round RBs unless they are complete backs. And he's not really complete right now. IMO, he's an upgrade from a speed perspective, but still not an experienced pass catcher, and really not a power back either. Bigger, but not a power back. Mileage is a bit concerning. I do prefer him over paying Mack a bunch. But I'd have been as happy picking a guy up later, or waiting till next year.

Ya but I believe the problem can be fixed he has broke a lot of tackles he isn't really easy to bring down either.

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Im also not really concerned about him catching the ball cause believe it or not we really don't throw to the running backs that much besides that's what we have Hines for anyway. I don't know about the rest of you on the forum but for me I don't need him to catch the ball I just need him to secure the football and run which he does very well.

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