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Ballard for two guys that will contribute day one.    

By the end of today, Goodell will be reading the picks from his bed

Buckner is a freakin all-pro. Relax.

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4 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

Time will tell, but I think Okudah is a bit of a reach there. I love him, and think he's top 20 for sure, but not top 5.

I have a feeling you'll be wrong a lot tonight and calling a lot of picks reaches.   

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4 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

I expect Henderson and Diggs to be better 

I think it's a toss up between several to be honest. I always look at guys who are surrounded by talent, and think how they would play without all that talent around them. 

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3 minutes ago, WifiGuy said:

I have a feeling you'll be wrong a lot tonight and calling a lot of picks reaches.   

I actually thought he'd be taken top 5, but I also think he's a reach. Time will tell if the hype was real. Like I said, I think he's good, and top 20, just not top 5. We'll see.

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2 minutes ago, stitches said:

No fireworks so far. Everything going by plan. It's like they've forbidden trades :) 

I read one GM said not to expect many trades. Was basically claiming they won’t be about to have the conversations they normally do at draft. Idk

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2 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

let's play Bust Good or Pro Bowler every 5 picks 


Joe Burrow PB

Chase Young PB

Jeff Okudah B

Andrew Thomas G

Tua Tagovailoa B

Does it have to be either, or, or can we just say meh?  NVM.  Didnt see Good.

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    • We really don't play SAM a lot at all, so saying SAM stinks is a bit curious. If you're talking about Okereke, who played SAM, then OK. Yes, he took a step back last season regardless of whether he played SAM or MIKE. He'll be asked to play a lot more run downs, which was his weakest area. His assumed strongest area (coverage) was not so great last season either. This sounds like you are trying to find a theory (that can not be proven or disproven) to support you opinion lol....   All teams try to blitz in the right situations. We simply just blitz at an almost league low (31st lowest). There were plenty of obvious downs (that would have been conducive) that we didn't blitz. Of course when your team blitzes more, opposing Os look for it more.  We only really have two LBs that log a lot of snaps now. One is great, one is a bit below average. Before that, we had Walker, who did pretty well (averaged 100 Ts a year) vs the run on early downs. Leonard certainly doesn't stink. Walker didn't stink. He was great in one aspect, average in another. Oke is questionable in both phases.   Our SS isn't asked to do a lot in our system. He does very well in his role though. When asked to play legit 2 deep, he struggles on the backend. Moore is well rounded. It's simply our scheme, and he fits well for what we ask him to do. Any DB asked to blitz will be close to the LOS. I would have to imagine Rock or Blackmon would also do well is given the opportunity given their traits and demeanor. Our scheme just doesn't ask a FS or CB to do much of that. I don't see us using 3 Ss much at all. Only in Dime, but a Dime can be a S or CB, and I'd say it's a CB more than S due to the fact they're typically asked to cover. And felt like we used Dime very sparingly in ultra-prevent situations.
    • It’s not official, but I’ve seen two stories in the last few weeks that referenced a number at $203m.     It is NOT official.    The big bump, expected in 2022, is now expected in 2023.   That’s when the new TV money will kick in.   Were at $182.5 this year.   So next year gets a roughly $20 mill bump.   That’s a good bump.  Just not the great bump most thought might happen. 
    • I;m a bit surprise no prime time for the Bucs game
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