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For this mock draft, I used NFL Mock Draft Database's simulator. Honestly, Pittman may not last to 53, but a guy can dream right? I think this draft instantly improves the offense and provides some young, developmental players with high upside to take the torch in the next few years.


(C) = Team Captain



MIN 22 -> IND 34 & 75

IND 44  -> PHI 53 & 103


Round: 1

22. Jordan Love QB | Utah State (C) -  We jump in front of NE to get our future franchise QB to sit and learn behind Rivers.


Round: 2

53. Michael Pittman Jr. WR | USC (C) -  One of my favorite day 2 WRs. I think he would be a perfect compliment to TY and Campbell that can contribute right away and develop into a future WR1.


Round: 3

103: Khalid Kareem EDGE | Notre Dame (C) -  Kareem was purely BPA here. He's a 3 down DE with ideal size, length, and athleticism that is great in the run game and could be an even better pass rusher if he can improve on his counters. High ceiling/high floor guy.


Round: 4

122. Van Jefferson WR | Florida  -  The best route runner in this draft. He's not going to take the top off of a defense, but he'd be a reliable possession WR and there's always a need for a guy that can consistently help move the chains.


Round: 5

161 Tyre Phillips IOL | Mississippi State  -  Massive guy (6'5" 331lbs) with great length (35 1/8”). Tyre played LT in college, only 1 year at the FBS level, but his lack of mobility points to a move inside to G. Dude is an absolute mauler in the run game and a brick house in pass pro, but he can be a bit slow out of his stance and struggle a bit with speed. A year or so of development and he could easily be our RG of the future and in the meantime provide depth at G/T.


Round: 6

194. Alex Taylor OT | South Carolina State  -  High upside & potential LT of the future that will need a few years to develop.


198. Antoine Brooks Jr. S | Maryland  -  Hard hitting, physical box safety. He's not helping you in coverage at all, but he'll help set the tone when he's in on defense (which would be in certain sub-packages only). At the very least, he projects as a high level ST player and would be a heat-seeking missile on kick coverage.

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I like a lot of these picks. Not sure we have to move up to get Love, as it seems a lot of people have him dropping out of R1. Maybe a trade with SF to get to 31 so we have a 5th yr option. Would love to see us get Pittman if he lasts that long. The Jefferson pick at 122 is gold if he is there.

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1 hour ago, Superfly said:

Highly doubt the Colts select two WRs. 

I'm not a fan of it in theory, but he ended up BPA at that spot. You could swap in a TE like Adam Trautman or Harrison Bryant in that spot.

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    • Lance being there just really isn't that odd to me. In any given year 2-5 QBs tend to go in the 1st. rarely are 4 taken before 21. It's only happened like twice since 2000 and some of the guys those years don't exactly excite you with the power of hindsight. Teams love QBs, but at the same time the evidence doesn't suggest there is really that big of a frenzy for QBs in the first 20 picks as many people seem to think. Just look at the media last year initially. Many people were saying Love would go in the top 20, along with Tua, Herbert and Burrow. He went like 26th and was considered a surprise selection by GB.   So if I were a betting man, I'd say one of either Lance or Wilson falls, with of course it be worth noting the Colts could even end up liking Jones better than both. I have no doubt we will be taking a very hard look at everyone. But for now my prediction is that we pass even if they are available. I haven't studied them, but they don't seem all that more exciting than Eason whom we got in round 4. I think it makes more sense we are signing or trading for a vet at some point this offseason and giving Eason a shot to prove he is the guy we want to begin grooming for the future. 
    • Chipotle bad...Cracker Barrel good.
    • I'm beginning to think that the OTs worth taking in Round One will be gone before #21, so maybe Ballard should try to sign one of the FA guys like Williams, Robinson, or Villanueva, then use #21 on one of the edge guys or one of the WRs if one slides   and maybe sign Fitzpatrick to mentor Eason for a year, unless CB could somehow swing a trade for Stafford--if I'm the Lions GM I'm not sure it's worth it to keep Stafford (and his contract) around during what will be, no matter how you slice it, a serious rebuild.
    • You did your homework here I like it 
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