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Draft Day Questions  

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  1. 1. Do the Colts trade into Round 1

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Who ya got at 34?

    • WR
    • OL
    • QB
  3. 3. Who is the QB you want most?

    • Jordan Love
    • Jalen Hurts
    • Jacob Eason
    • James Morgan
    • Jake Fromm
    • Anthony Gordon
    • 2021 Draft

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4 minutes ago, IkeAramba said:

Anybody else think that Ballard might pick 2 WR in round 2, given his previous history of double dipping for positions (Q + Smith, Turay + Lewis)?

I could see it. Probably my favorite WR are


Pittman Jr



Lynn Bowden


All OC thrse could be had in the 2nd except Bowden. He could be gotten later in the draft, maybe 4th round. 


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I'm not necessarily ROOTING for them to draft a QB in the 2nd, but I think they will because...............much to the delight of many on this board I see one Jordan Love falling into the 2nd round, and I think it will be too tempting for Ballard to pass up.  I think he will take Love at 34 and this is my "one hunch" for this draft.


I was gonna make a new thread for this but decided there's enough draft threads.  I think it would be cool though if people would list their "one hunch" for this draft and we could look back and see what happened.

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