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Let's do 1 last 2 round interactive mock

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Colts select Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama   Lions on the clock

@NFLfan.... I couldn’t resist 

Steelers get steal here Zack Baun LB  Bears then Cowboys then Rams 

New England Patriots select Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon.


Gosh, you guys, did you let Herbert slip intentionally? Just catching up with this madness. :) 

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    • Wow, what a surprise!   Another dishonest post by you!   Shocking!   We’re bottom 5 only because we’ve had our bye week.   We average 33 pass attempts per game.   So give us 33 more for the bye week and we’d be right in the middle of the pack.   This is yet another example of how you use stats to complain.   And it’s completely dishonest!   Again, par the course for you!  
    • They've had a bad OL for a long time, and have have faired better in terms of balance and rushing AVG since Reich's departure while still having a bad OL. It's not that they didn't have good RBs when Reich was there, Matthews got hurt in 2014 and they chose not to resign him. Instead, they drafted Gordon in 2015. Gordon had zero TDs in 2015, but 10 the year after Reich left. What is interesting, is Frank was promoted to OC when Wisenhunt left, then Frank was fired to bring back Wisenhunt. Sirianni was also there those year. Both he and Frank are Wisenhunt products, which I was never a fan of. That Jags game was hard on the eyes. I'm just not sure how much 2018 was Reich's game plan, vs going with the flow of the typical Luck game plan. I agree as well, not all the QB. Certainly some QB issues, but last year's Miami game was just bad on top of bad. And a few games where we went extreme opposite of the teams known weakness. That's my thought almost to a T. Yup, this is the mystery. I tend to believe he was simply along for the ride of what was a "Luck offense" I think the bad Jax game plan in W1 set us up for imbalance later. Reich probably realized it was silly to play like that vs the Jags knowing how bad they were vs the run, while at the same time losing trust in Rivers. That combination drove him to ultra conservative and predictable play calling the next several games. And that was mostly OK because the teams we played were mostly bad.
    • The goal should always be to stay balanced because some of the best teams historically defensively have been much better vs the run than the pass in the Ravens and Steelers. That is why the Patriots of last year failed. Lamar Jackson exploited them because their secondary was built to deal with the Chiefs. Then the Titans showed them in the playoffs. You cannot build your team just to beat one marquee team because the NFL evolves enough that it is another big dog every year you have to get past.   On offense and defense, you have to build a team good enough to play any style of defense and offense correspondingly. If Frank said that due to the roster deficiencies, then that goes back to Ballard again, which is what you are pointing your observation to.  
    • I hope you jinxed them 2 FF coming
    • Kliff went to HS where I'm at now so I find myself a fan of his 
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