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I'm going to name a prospect then next poster says whether he will be a Bust Good or Pro Bowler then names another prospect.


I'll do this again after draft to see if opinions change due to the team that drafts them.


Start with Joe Burrow 

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    • If the Dodgers beat Tampa Bay and win the World Series this year, do you think anyone will discount it due to COVID and the altered postseason eligibility & structure? I think not - they would've still vanquished every team they faced, and coming back from being down 3 games to 1 against the Braves (Atlanta should be renamed to signify their constant choking) is impressive whether you like them or not.
    • Why do so many on here talk about how great tennesse is? They have to be the luckiest 5-0 team in history. The vikings should have beat them, The "we haven't played anyone narrative" pessimisim is laughable. The titans, steelers, ravens, packers being "elite" is ridiculous. Just because highly paid talking jacks  on tv say how great some teams are while ignoring most other teams(do the Colts get any coverage at all?) doesn't mean it's true. This team is as good as any of those "elite" teams out there. Yes, we will lose to the steelers because we always do, we will play as bad as we have to just like last year when Adam capped it off with a bad miss on a chip shot field goal with 9 seconds left. But all other of the remaining games are very winnable
    • JONATHAN TAYLOR ON THE CARRY, JONATHAAAAAAAN TAYLOR for 5, 1st down. I had to do it  
    • We will sweep the Texans and split with Titans so 10-6 is the probability. Titans are overrated, they won't beat us here.
    • If I was an owner I wouldn't hang division banners. People mock us for hanging a Final 4 banner in 2014 but yet think hanging a division banner (hypothetically for going 8-8) is ok? Think about how silly that sounds. I would rather be in the AFC Title Game than win my division, that is common sense.
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