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I think that there is a good possibility we don’t pick a TE in this year’s draft. Besides Mo and Jack, we already have the following four individuals on the roster:

1) Billy Brown, 6’4, 248 lbs, 27 yo from Shepperd; previously with the Eagles practice squad since 2017 as a UDFA developmental project so Reich must know him

2) Ian Bunting, 6’7, 255 lbs, 24 yo from Cal; previously on Jets and Bears practice squads

3) Xavier Grimble, 6’4, 261 lbs, 27 yo from USC; was with the Giants, San Fran, New England, and Pittsburgh 

4) Matt Lengel, 6’7, 265 lbs, 29 yo from Eastern Kentucky, was with the Bengals, Pats, Browns, Texans and back to the Bengals before coming to us.

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Players named Billy Brown, Ian Bunting, Xavier Grumble and Matt Langel should not make you not take a TE in the draft. Doyle is solid and Mo has had some nice flashes blocking but none of those are what you would call a mismatch weapon as a receiver. Receiving weapon TE is very important for the offense Frank likes to run. 


I kind of feel like taking a TE like Trey Burton makes too much sense not to happen, so you might be right we don't draft a TE high in case we manage to get someone like Burton before the draft.

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It seems like there a lot of mid to late round TEs in this draft that could give us the downfield receiving option we lost. Some of them aren't very good blockers (which is why they are mid to late round guys), but neither was the guy we lost.

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18 hours ago, FalseStart said:

Dalton Keene...6’4... Jack Doyle type


I'm a fan of Keene. He could be a really good, well-rounded TE that just wasn't used well at VT.


8 hours ago, chrisbeldridge said:

What about Albert Okwuegbunam from Missouri?  He’s really fast and big.  His highlights were really impressive.

He's a physical freak, but his play doesn't match his athleticism. He's extremely raw and there's been reports about scouts being concerned with his toughness and maturity. If you could get him in the 5th or 6th, it may be worth it, but he's a high ceiling/extremely low floor player that is closer to his floor than ceiling.

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