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Another Quenton Nelson?

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10 minutes ago, BProland85 said:

This guy looks to be the next generational OL entering college football. 



"There's this big huff of breath," says Bryce Foster, a 17-year-old with ample experience. "And all you can hear is their soul leaving their body."


Yep, sounds a bit like Big Q.  haha


Can kids really reach their physical potential at 17??  If he goes to the right program and learns proper technique he could still be very good.

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I’m always skeptical about kids that are that big at that early an age.  

6’5” and 330 at 17?


For me...   ultimately, football is a game of movement skills.   No matter the position.   You have to be able to move, both in a phone booth, and in open space.   

If this kid went to my favorite college, I’d want him to lose 10-15 pounds.   He can put some of that back on over 2-3 years.   He needs to grow into his body more naturally.   

Just my view from the cheap seats....

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    • The Colts knew he was "injured" but acted shocked that it was considered serious by Ebron. 
    • It's not incorrect. Everyone knew about the injury. The only surprise was that he pulled the plug.
    • Done from me after this:   Your comment about me "second guessing Ballard since he got here" is an expression a person would use to criticize another for harboring some sort of bias to perpetually criticize Ballard as standard operating procedure, instead of looking at individual decisions on their own merits.  You probably think it goes back to a Grigson thing or something.  Constantly swooping in to make comments about me in various threads in various ways with that thinking is not even close to being respectful.   As you do with others.   But my piecemeal second guessing of Ballard over the years is different from others' piecemeal second guessing.  You're right in that respect, it started almost when he got here.  Not because of some bias or love for the previous guy, but because objective analysis at the time led me conclude that his very first pick was stupid.   
    • Let’s get him that #400 tomorrow!
    • Let's look at the top 10 guys receiving last year. 1. Michael Thomas - he's a big (6-3) drafted in the 2nd, and runs a mediocre 4.57 2. Julio Jones - he's one of the rare 6-3 super fast elite guys (4.34) drafted in the 1st. 3. Chris Godwin - 3rd rounder with mediocre size (6-1) and good speed 4.42 4. DeVante Parker - another elite speed (4.4s) and size 6-3 guy taken in the first 5. Keenan Allen - 3rd rounder with OK size (6-2)  and mediocre speed 6. Kenny Golladay - 3rd rounder with almost identical size and speed to Pittman. 7. Amari Cooper - 1st rounder with OK size (6-1) and good speed (4.4s) 8. DJ Moore - 1st rounder with meh size (6-0) and good speed (4.4s) 9. Jarvis Landry - Second rounder with meh size (5-11) and meh speed 10. Deandre Hopkins - 1st rounder with ok size and meh speed.    So to summarize Five 1st rounders, and five 2nd and 3rd rounders.  Four of the top 6 were 2nd or 3rd rounders Four of the top 6 were 6-3 or above   So it's not an unreal expectation to think that Pittman can be a top 10 guy, a #1 WR for us, or take TY's place as our bell cow WR.   If you look past the to top 10 for another 20-30, you'll see a lot of non-1st round speed guys getting 900-1200 yards. You'll also see a few TEs and RBs appear throughout.   Just saying, you're fixation on a first round pick is not really reality in terms of production. Only time will tell. If we look at averages, a #1 median is about 1100 yards, and the median of a #2 is about 700 yards. If TY plus another WR equal 1800 yards, will you be happy? Right now we are on pace for 4600+ yards. Pretty good start all things considered with injuries, and a QB new to the team/scheme.  Grant was a physical away from signing a 4 year deal with the Ravens, so not exactly a cast away. He was considered a #2 or #3 WR, which is what we were looking for. He was only 6-0, and was used at X, when should have been a slot. Rogers was the slot though. Anyway, total misuse of Grant IMO.   Funch was drafted to be a #1, but was more of a TE/WR hybrid (he played some TE in college) and ended up a #2 in Carolina. He wanted #1 money so he left. We were looking for a #2 and gave him #1 money on short term deal. He's now in an opt-out situation with the Packers.   In short, those guys weren't here because they weren't in other teams long term plans. One was a physical away from a 4 year deal, the other wanted out to get more money.    Campbell was likely seen as the successor to Z when drafted if you read into what Reich has said about working him outside. He was never though of as an X.    Hard to put a lot of faith in Campbell now that he's pretty much out for the 2nd straight year. If anything, I think you're going to see perhaps someone like Fountain or Dulin emerge. If PC heals, comes back, and stays healthy, all the better, but not counting on it.
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