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XFL is dead - Ex Colt P.J.Walker best player in league history

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With the XFL going out of business today Walker will be known as best player in league history (At least XFL 2.0  history). He earned his way back to the NFL, always liked the guy and we bounced him back and forth on P.S. unlike anyone I had ever seen before. 

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Tommy Maddox was league mvp in 20001 and had a solid nfl career after (He was a bust draft pick before) leading Pittsburgh to the playoffs. Paris Lenon went on to play 189 games in the nfl with 128 starts , 592 tackles so most successful by far.  When the Orlando Rage beat Smart's las vegas Outlaws Smart's fumbled clinched the game for Orlando and the camera showed my "We Hate he too" banner (I had front row season tics as one of my best friends from high school Cal Dixon was the Rage's starting center).

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