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21 minutes ago, coltsfeva said:

Props to Nyheim! Can’t wait to see what he does with Rivers. 

I felt pretty bad for the guy last year. After coming on crazy strong as a rook, and almost setting rookie records, his regression was irritating. Glad he at least got a shot at special teams later in the season. I think he'll be a huge part of the O this year, unless that is, they start throwing to Mack a lot more. I do think Mack will be more involved in the passing game, but I think they will still find ways to get Hines the ball. I wouldn't mind seeing even some two back sets, or even lining Hines up in the slot. He might just be Rivers BFF.

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1 hour ago, Coffeedrinker said:

He had to be one of the happiest Colts when they signed Rivers.  I can see Hines having an Eckler type impact for the Colts.

Me too.   I think he will have a great season.   If he was stock it'd be a strong buy!


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