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A Peytonator Mock: Post Old Man Rivers Edition

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I didn’t have time to make a mock prior to free agency but signing Rivers would have been my move too. I would have actually projected him to be marginally more expensive so Ballard gets the dub from me there. Buckner was very unexpected and I do disagree with him on it but it’s in the books now and 3Tech went from being our biggest need on that side of the ball to possibly the biggest strength. Now for what I would like to see happen the rest of the way. 



Haeg - 1Y/2M - Gotta keep our swing lineman. The only bench lineman who has carried his own weight on this team. 

Cap room - 21M



Brissett - 8.8 M - I’d very much like to trade him but his market will be non existent right now. Any team hat would want him would just wait for us to release him and I’d imagine he signs somewhere in a backup capacity. Just cut the losses and get what money we can back. 
Hoyer - 5M 


Autry - 5.3M - No dead cap for a rotational guy who I like but is too expensive for a far diminished role.


Desir - 6.8M - May not be popular but I don’t think he’s very good and that money could be much better spent elsewhere. Also has no dead cap. 


Quincy Wilson - 1.3M - Would like to trade but I don’t believe there’s a market for him now. I assume we tried shipping him before the deadline and there were no takers. 


Adjusted cap room - 47M



FA signings 

Shelby Harris - DT - 3Y/30M - Perfect 1Tech for our defense. Quick, upfield disrupter who can take on double teams against the run and still make plays while offering a good amount of interior pressure on passing downs.

Mackenzie Alexander - CB - 2Y/16M - Honestly the only corner from the Vikes that could hold up this year. Younger and better than Desir to get a decent vet presence in our secondary room. 


Tyler Eifert - TE - 1Y/6M - Giving him a raise on the 4M he got last year since he finally had a healthy year. See if he can rekindle some of the success he had in his first two years where he was looking like an elite TE.


Max Garcia - OL - 1Y/2M - Gonna have to fill out the oline depth so bring in a cheap vet who’s started some games. 

Tajae Sharpe - WR - 1Y/1M - Liked him as a mid round prospect when he came out so I’d like to see if a change of scenery would help. Gonna need some bodies at the position anyway. 

Laquon Treadwell - WR - 1Y/1M - Reclamation project for a former first rounder and training camp competition. 


Post FA cap space - 19M




2/34 - Denzel Mims WR Baylor - One of my draft crushes and a favorite day two prospect among the scouting community. Great combine and Senior Bowl and I do wonder if he’s not moving up into the first round. Would love him in Indy. 

2/44 - AJ Terrell CB Clemson - Checks all the measurable boxes for Ballard and had a great year excluding the championship game. Burrow carved up everyone so I’m not too worried. With NFL coaching I love his potential. 

3/75 - Anthony Gordon QB Washington State - He will have to sit for a couple years but I see him as the ideal match for Reich’s offense. Very nice and quick release as well as some solid accuracy. He needs more bulk and to learn how to do the Mahomes/Wilson side step to evade pressure, but his arm talent is second only to Burrow in my opinion. 

4/122 - Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State - Very nice Senior Bowl and combine. Good size and strength to take on double teams and play in a dline rotation. Had six sacks on the year so he’s not just a fatty taking up space. 

5/160 - Darrell Taylor DE Tennessee - Athletic specimen of a strong side edge player. Kind of in the mold of Jabaal Sheard and exactly the type of raw athlete you take a flyer on in the later part of the draft. 

6/193 - James Robinson RB Illinois State - Impressive rushing numbers and tested well in the explosiveness drills at the combine. Short and stocky build that is conducive to taking hits and still running. Some might say he’s something of a rolling ball of butcher knives. 

6/196 - Saahdiq Charles OL LSU - Protected the QB who had the best season in recent memory and won a championship. Good strong frame, kind of reminds me of Jason Peterson. I believe he could play four spots along the line. Strong run blocker with plus athleticism. 

UDFA - Jalen Elliott S Notre Dame - Gonna need a body at safety and I like his wreckless abandon at hitting people. Would like to see him running down the field on special teams. 

Opening day roster

QB 3 - Rivers, Gordon, Kelly

RB 4 - Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Robinson

WR 5 - Hilton, Pascal, Mims, Campbell, Sharpe

TE 3 - Doyle, Eifert, Alie-Cox

OT 3 - Castonzo, Smith, Charles

OG 4 - Nelson, Glowinski, Garcia, Eldrenkamp

C 2 - Kelly, Patterson


DE 5 - Houston, Turay, Banogu, Taylor, Muhammad 

DT 3 - Buckner, Hamilton, Lewis

NT 2 - Harris, Stewart

LB 6 - Leonard, Okereke, Walker, Adams, Speed, Moore

CB 5 - Ya-Sin, Moore, Alexander, Terrell, Tell

FS 2 - Hooker, Odum

SS 2 - Willis, Elliott 

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Great stuff. I think we'll probably open the season with only 5 LBs given Oke flexes between SAM and passing downs MIKE. Would guess we'll probably open up with 6 WRs and 5 Ss too. Maybe one less in the G/C space. Keep in mind the new rules that allow a team to carry an extra OL, and also the rules that allow moves up and down from the PS. I need to look closer at the new rules, but love what I've seen so far. 

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Nice work


Desir was very good the previous year and I believe he will bounce back from his injury plagued season

I also want to resign Haeg, but fear he will want to leave for starter money


Our team checking account is a bit depleted so we may not be able to afford multiple FA


Love the first 4 picks

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Very thoughtful.  Well done.  My fondest hope is that Mims is available at 34, but I don't see it happening.  I do like best available WR at that spot.  I'm not even very concerned about what type of WR it'll be - Reich and Siriani can scheme things up no matter the composition of the WR corps, we just need to add another talented guy.  I've got Brandon Aiyuk at the moment, but there are a half dozen other WRs that would help us a lot at 34....

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