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Now the 34th and 44th loom large

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3 hours ago, Two_pound said:

Right now I have Mims at 34, Terrell at 44, and Brycen Hopkins at 75. Then Akeem Davis -Gaither in the 4th round. But there is still over 5 weeks to before the draft.

I would like Mims at 34 and Kmet at 44 if he is there. 

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18 hours ago, The Fish said:

That's my gut reaction too, but you know what would be cool is if Campbell shows something this year. That alone makes a big difference imo.

He is a truly gifted player and I expect a solid year from him 

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14 hours ago, funktacious2 said:

I mentioned it in a recent thread. I don't know what to seriously think about it. After we had Buckner and Rivers I had a strong feeling we might be looking to package our 2s and a future 2 to move back into the 1st and maybe grab Love, Herbert, or Eason if they fall. But the more I think about these moves I'm now leaning towards thinking the opposite and that we want to use those picks on the best options to have impacts now. WR, TE, and CB make the most sense to me based on need and value. I'm thinking we target a QB in the 3rd or later if at all. If we choose to keep Brissett and eat his contract hit, we could just wait until 2021 to get a QB if no opportunities present themselves.





This is what I now think too.  They can see making the playoffs this yr and need playmakers at WR and TE .  

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34: Gallimore, Blacklock, Madubuike (in that order) 

44: Mims, Raegor

75: Claypool


I just have a feeling he is going to double dip at DT & WR.  I still think he will get a TE in FA.  That we free him up to go CB and OL with 4th & 5th pick.  LSU has a 6’6” TE that could be had in the 6th or 7th.  Maybe take a flier on that QB out of Hawaii in the 6th or 7th.

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    • And if you don't want to include UM and name just players from South Florida or Miami attending Non UM schools, I will have a field day with this discussion. Don't do it to your self. I'll save you now.
    • You are not equipped to hold this conversation. Bringing up a small moment of "dirty laundry" of a program doesn't discredit anything that you cant findout, or know. which Im sure you know very well that South Florida is the mecca of football talent. Why would any sound/knowledgeable student/fan of the game of football, ever bring up PENN State (scandal) to disparage  or take away the impact, records, of "The Great" Joe Paterno? (Just like with Jeff Simmons, some slick fan wants to air out someones dirty laundry.)   Every program recruits heavily out of south florida. including Bama, Clemson, LSU, Mich, Oregon, etc. Dont be a hater now.
    • I hope not, you beating them would go a long way in helping us, even though it wouldn't be a conference or divisional loss but if they pick up 1 or 2 of those in addition to an "L" to you, we may run them down for the AFC South title as long as we take care of our business.
    • You didn’t know it was going to be a snooze fest when the schedule was made, I think around May.   Sometimes it just turns out that way and all the NFL can do is point to the TV ratings.   Ultimately, they are important for everyone. 
    • And you got beat by Florida International and Louisiana Tech last year......    But, I mean, The U does have the highest paid players. From the Pell Grant fraud, to Shapiro handing out cash and cars, I would hope they put more in the NFL than most teams. Add on the hidden drug test to keep players eligible...    Not sure why Miami's history of NFL draft picks is relevant in general, or has any bearing on why you're football takes are any better than anyone else?
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