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Stefon Diggs to Bills

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33 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

Bills are trading a 1st-round pick, a 5th-round pick, a 6th-round pick and a 2021 4th-round pick for Vikings WR Stefon Diggs and a 2020 7th-round pick, source tells ESPN.


That's a horrible deal they could have landed Hopkins for less than that...

12 minutes ago, Mel Kiper's Hair said:

Does that seem like a lot to anyone else? 

Yes terrible deal.

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Diggs just went from living in miserable freezing weather conditions but getting to play in a comfy indoor stadium for half his games...  


To not only living in that miserable weather but playing in it too.  And a less dynamic passing attack...  Ouch. 

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Such a terrible deal for a guy who’s proving to be more and more of a head case. The AFC is making bonehead decisions everywhere and I’m loving it. The only team to get stronger has been the Ravens with getting Campbell but that’s also negated by losing Yanda. With Mahomes about to be playing on a monumental contract this conference is about to open up in a massive way. 

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