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If we sign a Vet QB, what do we do for the backup?  

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  1. 1. Backup QB

    • Mid-Late round rookie (Anthony Gordon, Hurts, Eason, Fromm)
    • Early QB (Love, Herbert, Tua)
    • Keep Jacoby Brissett
    • Sign or Trade for a young QB (Trace McSorley, Josh Rosen, Nick Mullens)
    • Other (Explain in comments)

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3 minutes ago, cdgacoltsfan said:

Sign Rivers or Brady to back up Chad Kelly. Trade Jacoby to the Skins for their #2 pick and draft Chase  Young.

Jacoby and 3 years of 1st round picks maybe

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Sign a vet (Rivers) and use Kelley as the back up.  I honestly still believe that Kelley can be a winning QB in this league, especially with the group of guys and coaches that we have around him.

If i'm wrong, we can draft someone next year.   Now if one of the top guys fall into our lap at #13, we should take them...but i still think a top DT or WR  will be there for us at #13 and be a more immediate help, if we are trying to "go all in" for two years with Rivers, as i've been reading in a few places

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6 hours ago, TheMose said:

I'm a big believer in McSorley and I feel like we can get him for cheap. I think he is better than Kelly without the issues. 

I like McSorley too. Noticed him during preseason last year when I was just watching random games. 

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With Brissett as 1, Hoyer as 2 and Kelly as 3 why sign a Free Agent QB to be a placeholder when we already have 3 under contract?


Just draft the guy that fits what Irsay, Ballard, Reich and Dodds view as the future and groom/play him accordingly.....

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