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On 3/7/2020 at 1:46 PM, BleedBlue4Shoe86 said:

Haha. Actually I live in Tennessee and really like Marcus. The fans here are scared to death he will end up in Indy and light it up. 

In regards to the other. I wouldn’t hate Foles. Do hate the contract and price. Also, I don’t want any part of Rivers. 

my problem with marcus is hes a spread option qb that hasnt been durable.  his speed wont help us if he cant take hits.  he hasnt been great in the pocket either, i see why the titans dont want him anymore 


ryan tannehill looks like a reich qb to me, id be making an offer if they get brady.  they cant afford both 

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3 hours ago, DEFENSE said:

wait even the lowly colts beat kc and their great qb

Yes one of the very bright yet small moments that made me smile on 19 season.


That doesn't mean Mahomes is bad.

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On 3/9/2020 at 9:19 AM, DEFENSE said:

are you saying jb can beat watson with regularity

I doubt they'll be playing any 1-on-1.  The Colts can beat the Texans, with Brissett and Watson as the starting QBs.  No doubt about it, even though Watson would likely be the better QB...

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30 minutes ago, WifiGuy said:

Just curious are you still laughing about my post?   

Absolutely. A good pass rush + bad QB will still fail vs Mahomes.


As far as the Buckner trade goes, I've been emphatic for 2 years now that we need a tier one 3T (biggest need by far on the D) and was very unhappy we didn't take a DT early last year. 



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    • A question, and this isn’t to start anything, I’m genuinely curious: what are your thoughts of Ballard on a macro level? We’ve had him for a while now, so he has a decent body of work to judge from. I know you usually analyze specific transactions...
    • I will disagree...at least that it’s been a full effort over the long haul...instead of a more recent effort.    At WR...those two 2nd round picks were in years 3-4 of his roster building. He drafted SEVEN other players/positions in the 2nd round (alone) before he used one on a pass catcher...SEVEN...when this team had nobody beyond Hilton at WR. He even passed on AJ Brown and Deebo Samuel to draft some project DE who is currently buried on the depth chart.    Before he drafted Campbell, his first attempt was to draft two late-round lotto ticket WRs to develop...a very low % type of move that rarely works at the WR position.    And he had to know he was depriorotizing the WR position and that those late round WRs were risky to rely on...so to try to help offset that...he signed middling FA WRs to one-year FA contracts...to hopefully catch lighting in a bottle and patch a hole on the roster. But a stopgap measure exists in part because you aren’t willing or able to fully invest in that position yet...aka it’s a half measure (some might even say half *). Ballard did that 3 years in a row.   At TE...there’s been far less. Despite coming from an organization that drafted and developed an elite TE...and seeing that impact firsthand...he has drafted ZERO TEs across 38 draft picks...and instead has focused on UDFAs and stopgap FAs. He did hit with Ebron for one year...but again...that was a stopgap signing. Then this past offseason...with Ebron leaving...he throws a vet min contract at a broken down Trey Burton. The fact that the average age of the Colts TE depth chart was like 29 this year (before Burton got hurt and they added the UDFA)...speaks to how much effort has been put into drafting and developing young TEs over the past few years.   At RB...he did draft an APB in Hines...but that was an early Day 3 pick.  Until Taylor...all of the RB picks were Day 3 picks.   I know that’s a harsh critique...and I am not trying to disparage Ballard for his roster building. But looking at it objectively...there has clearly been far more effort given to other positions until recently.   Going forward...I don’t think we will see a WR taken in the 1st round...but Day Two pass catchers hopefully are the norm.     
    • Rondale Moore opting back in to college football season:   https://www.si.com/college/video/2020/09/25/purdue-rondale-moore-opts-back-in#:~:text=Purdue wide receiver Rondale Moore,surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The Colts knew he was "injured" but acted shocked that it was considered serious by Ebron. 
    • It's not incorrect. Everyone knew about the injury. The only surprise was that he pulled the plug.
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