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Of all the free agent QBs this offseason, I’m starting to lean towards him being the one that makes the most sense. If the Titans plan on going in on the Brady sweepstakes then they obviously wouldn’t keep Tannehill. He’s still young and had the highest QB rating in the league. With so many people hyping up Rivers as the bridge QB and willing to spend 20 million on him, I’m curious as to why he isn’t getting more attention and don’t feel he’d get much more than that. I assume part of it is that people think he’s a one year wonder and had one of the best rushing attacks on the year but ours was pretty good in its own right, and their team was floundering before he came in and took them to the AFC championship. 

I would wager that he gets somewhere between what Cousins and Foles had and I would be very down with it coming from us. As long as we made sure the contract allows us an easy out after a couple years I see no reason not to do it, and also drafting our QB of the future. I’d say he’d have a better Oline than he did in Tennessee and a comparable set of receivers. 


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I do think Brady stays with New England but I think it happens after free agency starts. He wants to be courted a little bit but he knows it’s in his best interest to stay. If Tennessee plans to go in on him they won’t bother keeping Tannehill. I think they ultimately lose out on both and end up making a desperate move like signing Bridgewater or something. 

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