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4 minutes ago, WifiGuy said:

Colts doing the right thing by this kid.  Give him a chance to sign elsewhere.  If it doesn't work out he wont forget it, and could be back.  

Yeah. It’s basically letting him test the free market. Colts can always decide to match and bring him back if he doesn’t command a lot of money. I am sad but with the WR draft and Fountain coming back it makes sense.  I am really curious what will happen with Funchess in a couple weeks. I find it hard he will get a big contract from anyone. I could see him coming back.

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10 hours ago, EastStreet said:

How would the above work out in terms of positions. You're a little imbalanced (2 Xs, 4 z/traditional slots) and lack speed/deep threat at X. While Mims has size, most view him as a Z due to his struggles at the LOS vs the press. 

I was seeing him as an X

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1 hour ago, FirsTime said:














That would be a pretty decent position group as long as they stayed injury free. I’m guessing Funchess walks?

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I’m with you on Mims.  My mock right now has us trading down to about #21 and snagging Mims.  His star is on the rise for a reason...

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