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Indianapolis Colts

Opening Day Combine Mock 1.0

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Here are my quick analysis of players to target at this point in time with the Combine just starting and our Colts immediate team needs:


R1P13 DT Justin Madubuike (Texas A&M) - Versatile can play either 3T or 5T.  Colts needed a 3T last year and failed to draft one capable of replacing Autry. 


R2P34 TE Adam Trautman (Dayton) – No surprise the Colts will be looking to add a young top TE early in the draft after letting Ebron walk in FA.  TEs that can both block and catch are rare in the NFL.  Trautman should become the next Kittle in the NFL given the right offense.  If we do acquire Rivers in FA he will need a player like Gates he can connect with in Trautman for a few years.


R2P44 WR Chase Claypool (ND) – Colts add another red zone weapon in the mold of a Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  May need to work on his hands but has major upside as a deep threat.


R3P75 SS Jeremy Chinn (S. Illinois) – Khari Willis stepped in and replaced Geathers last year, but Willis didn’t wow me.  Chinn is a jack of all trades DB and local Indy native.  Looked like a LB but played like a corner during Senior Bowl.  Great range and matched up well vs TEs and WRs.  Showcased his versatility during the Senior Bowl playing different DB positions with success.  Wouldn’t surprise me to see Chinn go in R2. 


R4P112 R5P143 CB Amik Robertson (Louisiana Tech) - A Slot CB could become a starting Nickle.  WOW factor in college defending passes.  Great in run support should be great in both Zone and Man if he can shadow routes.  DB game day health was an issue last season and having a versatile DB like Chinn gives us added DB flexibility to go along with Robertson who can start in place of Moore.  Realize Moore was an UDFA that the Colts just paid handsomely for who has been one of the best Slot corners in the NFL.


R5P143 DL Larrell Murchison (NC State) - Thrives in smaller spaces and should become a good rotation 3T for 4-3 defense


R6P173 OT Alex Taylor (South Carolina St) – Developmental player with strong combine tangibles (Wingspan 88”, hand 11 2/8, arm 36 1/8).


R7P205 RDT Broderick Washington Jr (Texas Tech) – rotational value as a 3T


Realize too many variables and different directions we can go but tried to address some of our biggest issues in draft outside of a questionable draft QB that may or may not be any better than our current roster.  Everybody's got their 2 cents so would like to hear from yours... 

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That's an interesting alternative mock, without any of the standard target player names that all the other mocks on this board go for.  I can't say I'm fully on board, but after watching yesterday's performance at the combine, Claypool intrigues me.  If he has such Megatron-like stats, why not the Megatron-like performance?  Makes me want to take a closer look at the guy.

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Khari Willis did not wow you? 71 tackles in 14 games. One TD allowed. Ranked in the Top 5 among NFL Safeties in yards allowed per catch. Snatched the starting spot mid-season from the Team Captain. Dominated from the start of training camp. Drafted in the 4th round. Produced like a 1st rounder. Didn't wow you?!!!!

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I like Trautman and Claypool, but not impressed by Willis?  Seriously?!?  Not attacking your opinion, but I completely disagree with it. The rest of your draft is “Meh” to me. 

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