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Bproland's Dream Pre-Combine Mock Draft

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This would be my dream draft of what I'd love happening for Indy in this 2020 draft...



- Ballard trades the 13th overall pick to Miami for their 18th overall, and 2nd round pick. (Miami is likely targeting a LT or QB here.)

- Ballard trades the 44th overall pick to Buffalo, drops 10 spots, and picks up a late 3rd rounder in the process.


Round 1 Pick 18 (MIA): CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma 
Round 2 Pick 2: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State 
Round 2 Pick 7 (MIA): Austin Jackson, OT, USC 
Round 2 Pick 22 (BUF): Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri 
Round 3 Pick 11: Antoine Winfield Jr., FS/SS, Minnesota
Round 3 Pick 22 (BUF): Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic
Round 4 Pick 16: Damien Lewis, OG, LSU
Round 5 Pick 14: Lamical Perine, RB, Florida 
Round 6 Pick 14: Van Jefferson, WR, Florida 
Round 7 Pick 13: Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska 


With this draft Ballard gets help all over this roster. Getting a stud WR to pair with a very talented QB and LT prospect for the future would be huge with the first 3 picks. On top of that, getting an underrated DT who could possibly be a pro-bowler would go a long way to helping this DL. I also think Ballard signs a DT in FA.


In round 3 Ballard gets help at safety with Winfield, who could play both FS and SS. This is a great foresight pick in case Hooker doesn't fully work out. Plus I don't believe we resign Geathers and having good depth at safety is very important in this defense. Harrison Bryant to me is the best TE in this draft, and he may be rising to the point where we'd have to use a 2nd on him, but for right now this is where his draft stock is valued. He compares to George Kittle according to NFL.com's combine breakdown on him. We could use a great TE, one we haven't had in some time. 


Rounds 4-7 Ballard gets a very underrated RG in Lewis who helped anchor that very good LSU OL. Perine is a physical runner we could use to share time with Mack and Hines, along with Wilkins. We currently lack a bigger back who can wear defenses down. Perine is that. Van Jefferson is a Senior Bowl standout who is a very good route running WR. Along with Lamb, Indy's WR core is revamped. Davis is a good depth DT late in the draft as well. 

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This seems like a very Ballard draft. Trading back to get picks. Well done.

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I like your idea of trading back and getting more picks, a very CB thing to do. Using your premise, I tried to do the trades on First-Pick draft and this is what I came up with:


Round 1 Pick 16 (ATL): Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina (A)
Round 2 Pick 2: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State (A)
Round 2 Pick 15 (ATL): Trey Adams, OT, Washington (B)
Round 2 Pick 16 (NYJ): Zack Baun, OLB, Wisconsin (B+)
Round 3 Pick 11: Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri (A-)
Round 3 Pick 15 (NYJ): Bradlee Anae, DE/OLB, Utah (A)
Round 4 Pick 16: AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College (A+)
Round 5 Pick 14: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty (A+)
Round 6 Pick 12: Cohl Cabral, C, Arizona State (A+)
Round 6 Pick 14: Gabriel Davis, WR, Central Florida (A+)
Round 7 Pick 13: Damon Hayes, CB, Rutgers (A-)


I know this isn’t realistic, but this is how this mock draft went. 

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I hate to burst your bubble but Lamb won't be there at 18.  Maybe a guy like Ruggs but neither Jeudy or Lamb will be there.

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    • he wasnt even good during that stretch.  we won with the running game and the defense 
    • Mims for me would be choice 1   but......   many mocks have him going in first now
    • How about a variation on the theme?  Draft Mims at 34 and Claypool at 44, with the intent to utilize Claypool as a move TE and offensive chess piece.  He'll be big enough after a weight room makeover to play the position; he apparently has an aggressive mentality in that he plays ST's and likes to block. And he can also be used as another WR in the red zone. That would be a curve ball vs. taking a known TE commodity in Kmet, which is certainly an option. But the receiving corps will have gotten a huge shot in the arm as far as size and talent with the additions of Mims and Claypool. 
    • Brissett has plenty of leadership and charisma on the field.  Everything I've seen about him from unbiased sources praises both of those attributes   Where he falls short is his ability to make throws.  Unfortunately that's just as critical as being a good field leader if nor more so.    Brisssett proved to have some big holes in his game that cost us down the stretch, that's a fact.  But don't drink the haterade.    Try to be impartial if you can.  If you won't acknowledge the good points of players you dislike, all you get is ignored.
    • The idea of any type of package for Brissett is laughable. He doesn’t have any of the skills that players who have packages built in for them do (speed, elusiveness, quickness, ability to catch, etc...)   Sounds like Reich saving face since they will likely have a guy due $12.5 million just holding a clip board. To this day, the one Ballard move that deserves the most criticism was how awful the Brissett contract is/was.
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