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Indianapolis Colts
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Indeees perfect Colts Offseason 2020

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I'm not a numbers guy as some of you are so I'm not going to list cap numbers or contract years here as this is just a list


Re-Sign Anthony. I think he ultimately plays

Mack gets extension




Sign Brandon Schreff if they believe Braden should remain at Tackle

Sign Conklin if they believe Braden should move back to Guard


**Either way.. line is now solidified. 


Anthony, Quinton, Ryan, Brandon, Braden or Anthony, Quinton, Ryan, Braden, Jack


Sign Yannick or Armstead, I would go Yannick here however a bidding war might not favor us in our approach. I only hope that we don't settle and throw money to like Robert Quinn once the smoke clears, as we sort of did for Justin Houston


Sign Hooper TE




Pick 13... Brown or Kinlaw, most likely Kinlaw


Pick 34 Ruggs.. "crossed fingers here in him still being on the board" SPEED WR position filled


Pick 44... Jefferson WR 


I'm stopping here as the rest to me is fill in fodder


As you can see, it might be a pipedream, however I went with what I believe the true needs are for this team in key spots, this to me IF, BIG IF, the cards fell right is doable and would be the best possible scenario here for the Colts


O-Line Schreff or Conklin

D-Line Yannick or Armstead and Kinlaw.. I left out Jones as he is 3-4 fluent

TE Hooper

WR Ruggs and Jefferson


I would hope most of you would agree this would be one heck of a scenario. I did leave off the QB as I believe with the additions of offensive weapons in this scenario Brissett(maybe)..Ha!! or hopefully Kelly could get the job done


Now I'm going to go put on a helmet so all the bashing I'm about to receive doesn't to badly dent my ugly mug any further...:lol:


Salute :thmup:


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