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Injuries issues finally being addressed


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I still wonder what the status of our field turf is. Is it an improved state of the art field turf designed to cut down on injuries? Sometimes those artificial field turf fields can be harder surfaces than real grass, which could easily result in more injuries. 

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Short, but good article, and thanks for posting. 


While I agree injuries are an issue, 2019 wasn't nearly as bad as 2018 (as suggested by the rankings listed). Even if we did improve from 30th to 21st, I still don't like being in the bottom half. Sounds like he's made changes to a lot, but has left the medical staff in tact. Perhaps it's time for a change there too.


For those interested, mangameslost.com does a great job through the season of reporting impact. While their website is a pay site, they typically publish at minimum the weekly charts for free.


Here's the NFL regular season chart. It shows both pure games lost (left to right axis), but also measure player quality lost (size of bubble), with team wins shown on the vertical axis.


Of note, SF, KC, NEm, Seattle, and Houston were off worse off than Indy.



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“We’re having too many,” Ballard accurately states.


I've been banging this drum for a long time now.  I believe the Colts have always realized that this is an issue, as well.  There are some folks here that just simply refused to believe it - that old "all teams have injuries" routine lol. 


When you're in the bottom half of the league for 10 consecutive years, and near dead-last in 4 of those years, there's a problem.  There just is.


I would love to see the injury breakdown in terms of location (home/away) and type of surface.

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    • I don't like the pessimism here, our current in-division record isnt great, but if we beat the titans in our head-to-heads, we control our own destiny for the division. The Titan's schedule is just as rough as ours. They play: Bengals (W) Bears (toss up) Colts (toss up) Ravens (probably a L) Colts (toss up) Browns (toss up) Jags (W) Lions (not a gimme. but probably a W) Packers (toss up) Texans (toss up) As far as I am concerned, they are only really heavily favored to win 3 of those games and the rest are toss ups. We can still win this division if we handle our own business.
    • Look no further OP, this is the answer, along with it being the first week of the season and weird things happen in week 1 league-wide. The Jags almost always play us close too, one of those things. We absolutely should beat them when we next play in week 17, but who knows really.....  
    • Looks like the “good old days” of the AFC South.
    • Its interesting to note that those are the teams with notoriously “weaker” organizations.  A year like this will separate the cream from the crap. 
    • Sure it does. just not the crowd noise part. But traveling, sleeping in a strange bed and room, and losing some practice because of travel still have an effect.  Not traveling and sleeping in your own bed should also create less covid related stress for that week too. The noise thing is big, no doubt, but i still see other factors affecting HFA.  
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