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Injuries issues finally being addressed


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I still wonder what the status of our field turf is. Is it an improved state of the art field turf designed to cut down on injuries? Sometimes those artificial field turf fields can be harder surfaces than real grass, which could easily result in more injuries. 

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Short, but good article, and thanks for posting. 


While I agree injuries are an issue, 2019 wasn't nearly as bad as 2018 (as suggested by the rankings listed). Even if we did improve from 30th to 21st, I still don't like being in the bottom half. Sounds like he's made changes to a lot, but has left the medical staff in tact. Perhaps it's time for a change there too.


For those interested, mangameslost.com does a great job through the season of reporting impact. While their website is a pay site, they typically publish at minimum the weekly charts for free.


Here's the NFL regular season chart. It shows both pure games lost (left to right axis), but also measure player quality lost (size of bubble), with team wins shown on the vertical axis.


Of note, SF, KC, NEm, Seattle, and Houston were off worse off than Indy.



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“We’re having too many,” Ballard accurately states.


I've been banging this drum for a long time now.  I believe the Colts have always realized that this is an issue, as well.  There are some folks here that just simply refused to believe it - that old "all teams have injuries" routine lol. 


When you're in the bottom half of the league for 10 consecutive years, and near dead-last in 4 of those years, there's a problem.  There just is.


I would love to see the injury breakdown in terms of location (home/away) and type of surface.

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    • Nah Rex must be wrong too. Frank & Rick Venturi both said they had to pass and pass some more.
    • Again, no one ever said both cannot be true. That’s deflection.    I’ll take mental mistakes in ball security over tipping our hand and putting the defense in position to succeed for an extended period of time every time. Every single time.   “Control what you can control”.   There was nothing in direct correlation with the rest of this game that we could have done to control the Pascal and Hines turnovers. Nothing. We can’t control Pascal not securing the ball well, or Hines just flat out muffing it. But we can control play selection and the opposing defense being able to line up with confidence in what they’re about to do, and that’s exactly what happened and causes the worm to turn in that 3rd quarter.    It doesn’t make Hines or Pascal any less accountable for the loss, but it does make Frank more culpable. There are things we could have done to lessen the chance of those turnovers. We just didn’t.    For whatever reason.    And guess what? It exposed us. Forcing all those RPO looks into passes worked. Stacking the box to scare Frank out of running worked. Because Wentz isn’t one of the elite level QBs who can throw the ball every play and beat you with it. He’s not Manning. He’s not Brady. He’s not Rodgers.   And that’s not a knock on him, I don’t want to have to drop everything in his lap on Sunday and have our entire chance of winning on his shoulder. He’s not that kind of player, and that’s good because more importantly this is not that kind of offense. Take advantage of that, because the results when we don’t are clear. Crystal clear. Go look at all 6 losses and tell me what one of the common denominators has been.   I’ll go ahead and save you the research: Wentz throwing 35 passes.    When you start to prepare for this team defensively it’s now crystal clear that when you force us to the air you have a drastically higher chance of beating us. And it’s easy as can be to force us to the air. Load up the box, and take the R out of the RPO at the snap. Even with a 2 score lead in the second half we’ll go willingly to the air exclusively, even at the cost of lowering our own chances of victory.   It’s * embarrassing. There’s a reason you never see the great coaches and/or QBs go strictly pass when up by 2 scores.   And forgive me, but I’m going to defer to their judgement over frank and his. His winning % is trending towards .500 much more than its trending into the .600 neighborhood with the ones who don’t have a reputation of doing this % regularly. 
    • Actually flabbergasted at some of the responses on here trying to break down this loss and make it a bigger thing than it is. The bottom line is TURNOVERS. We normally dominate the turnover game, this game we did not. We turned the ball over 4 TIMES in the 2nd half while defending the lead. That is why we lost, simple as that. Playcalling was fine. They loaded the box, we passed, and it worked early. Later in the game we ran it straight down their throats. It worked. Take away even 2 of the 4 turnovers we win.
    • Nah man, you just didn’t see it, Wentz was hot and passing game was working, we weren’t scoring, or keep the ball from the Bucs…but I mean it’s what they had to do or something. Oh I remember, should have started passing sooner he said, that was his regret
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