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Grossman Ready To Mentor Rgiii

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"I know they're going to draft a franchise QB," Grossman told ESPN 980 on Saturday night, via ProFootballTalk.com. "If I'm on the team, I'm gonna help out that guy get up to speed, but I'll also be ready to play. I'm gonna be a good soldier, and I'll be busting my butt to help him out."


I think the last thing they need is Grossman mentoring a young rookie. He is going to teach him how to blow games when they are on the line.

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I think the quote is great... because it sounds an awful lot like Shanahan made it clear to Rex that he's already second on the depth chart. Rex as a mentor won't be terrible, either. He knows the offense well enough and its not like he can pass on his severe physical limitations and lack of field vision to RGIII (unless it's caused by some sort of as yet undiscovered disease in which case I will weep).

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Oh, no! We missed out on the opportunity of having Curtis Painter mentor Andrew Luck!

thats ok. pat can mentor him in the arts of swimming in the canel haha

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To Grossman's credit, it is actually possible to be better at mentoring a subject than actually performing just like great performers can be terrible mentors.

As the old sayin goes "those who can, do. Those who cant, teach".

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