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    • yikes doesnt look good    https://www.masslive.com/patriots/2020/09/nfl-has-first-covid-19-outbreak-titans-report-8-new-cases-shut-down-team-activities.html
    • Yeah. Lamar is a front runner. If he has to come from behind, he gets flustered and their OL is not the same since Osemele left the Ravens (for of course the Chiefs). I would have thought the Ravens would have gotten their run game going first before anything else but Lamar and the Ravens chose to not play to his strengths which is running to open up wide open passing lanes.
    • Do you want to dress three QBs on game day? Probably not, right? Especially with the injuries at virtually every other position (specifically on offense). The only time you dress three QBs on game day is if your starter has an iffy injury situation.   Since the reason for having a backup QB dressed on game day is to have someone ready to take over in case your starter goes down, isn't it reasonable that QB2 is Jacoby Brissett? He's the backup QB for a reason.    So unless the coach is able to predict that you'll be winning by four scores in the fourth quarter, and that your starter will not go down during the game, it's hard to project a situation in which your third string QB is going to be active on game day. And if he's not active, he can't play in a blowout in the fourth quarter.   Case closed.   Also, it's good for JB to get a few series on the field, especially this year. He had no preseason, just like everybody else. If he has to actually do his job and take over for Rivers at some point, it's better that he had a couple drives at some point this year.   Lastly, I don't understand what the rush is to get Eason on the field. I'd love to see him get some snaps here and there, but there's no reason to force it. They drafted him to sit behind Rivers and JB this year. It's unlikely that he'll be active unless Rivers or JB are hurt going into game day. 
    • It really depends on who is out. If it's a QB who's future overall is in doubt then by all means look to the draft. But if it's a young decent QB (like potentially Lock?) then perhaps they look at someone like JB. Remember that usually when a team does so poorly they're able to draft a superstar QB, that whole regime ends up getting replaced. So for now, the current regime will be doing everything they can to win so they don't get fired.
    • Are they as good as the numbers?  I wouldn't say so.  On Sunday, it felt more like a case of bad offensive play and mistakes from the Jets than elite defensive play from the Colts.  To be a legit top 10 type defense, they have to get something from Turay or Banogu.  They need that player who flashes off the edge.
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