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What Colts jerseys do you own

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I just ordered another James today. Half been gifts and the rest purchased.


Four current - Hooker (Blue), Nelson (White), Leonard (White), Hilton (White)


My first Indianapolis Colts jersey was Quenton Coryatt. Didn't buy another until Marshall Faulk


Retired I have Luck, V Davis, T. Richardson, Ballard, James, Manning, Wayne, Freeney, Sanders, Faulk, Dickerson.


HOF I have Sayers, Jim Brown, Joe Green. I have more baseball jerseys thanks to giveaways at games.

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On 1/31/2020 at 5:57 PM, WoolMagnet said:

Dickerson, Faulk,Unitas,Manning, Luck.


Does the Bert Jones count if it hasnt fit me since i was 10?


Funny thing is, they were all gifts.

It’s funny because I was old enough to have a Bert Jones jersey but living in Phoenix we weren’t able to watch a lot of Colts games I just had to watch them whenever they were on and look at the paper the next day  would’ve loved to of gotten a Dickerson one I have all the other ones plus a few but I like the Burt Jones idea 

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Jerseys I have owned but no longer- Peyton, Edge, Harrison, Freeney

Jerseys I still have - Luck, Wayne, Collie, Moncrief, Leonard, Nelson, Addai (White and Blue, both with SB emblems)


My wife owned a Saturday jersey (her favorite Colt ever...LOL) and owns a McAfee one now.


My kids have owned/own the following: McAfee, Manning, Luck, Harrison

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