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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think the Lions will trade back at least once.  If we sit at 13 the top 3 if not top 4 QBs will be gone.  Too many other trades could happen in the top 10.  
    • Dolphins take CJ Henderson  Seahawks up 
    • I mean no two situations are 1:1 carbon copies. Love suffered loss of talent Mahomes didn't suffer. I also disagree about his receivers bailing him out in 2018. There was nothing to bail him out for in 2018. He was a much safer and much more in control player in 2018 because he had some relatively good weapons and he knew he didn't have to do everything by himself. He also had an offensive head coach who actually knew what he was doing, unlike in 2019. I've never seen a high end QB work with such poor supporting case that could rarely separate and was dropping passes left and right. Fair point that he didn't improve unlike Mahomes, but again - they didn't deal with the exact same situations.    The Wake Forest game is weird, because he made a lot of mistakes there, but he also kept them in the game for longer than their talent suggested they can keep up with them. Also there are plenty of games where they actually fell behind big and he was pressing a ton trying to make things happen. Take the LSU game as a perfect example. He was making some exceptional throws in the beginning of the game and was moving their offense really well against a team with 3 first round DBs covering his horrible WRs who dropped 2 TD passes if I'm not mistaken. After which they fell behind and he started forcing it, which resulted in several picks and overall poor performance for the rest of the game.    The discrepancy between Love's first half vs Love's second half performances is kind of eye-popping and there is a reason for it. By PFF his rating was 85 in first halves and it was in the 50s in second halves of games(I'm citing this by memory, apologies for not being able to find the exact numbers)... From what I've seen he was forcing things a lot this last season. 
    • The only reason that I'm not sure it's a lock that Rivers becomes a Colt is that the idea is becoming conventional wisdom. Maybe there's a better move to be made, but if it's Rivers or JB, it's not a debate. Take the band aid option, as that's better than a team deteriorating infection.    And #13 should be used to find a QB if Ballard likes who's available irrespective. 
    • 7 mil per year should be the max for him   if you look at that link i posted, 8 million or more would be paying him top 5 RB money.  i dont think he has the leverage to push for top 5 money 
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