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This is fun, this a lot better than reading the 10 different threads on how JB sucks. Very refreshing. Thanks Dan.

Hank Baskett

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    • Before i begin i just want to say that i'm not taking any shots at anyone but only keeping things real. That being said i dont get it. I just dont understand why Jacoby a person were not going to be resigning next season is our back up QB and not Eason. I know people say hes our best back up QB but again hes on his way out the door i mean why not have Eason a QB who is suppose to be our future on this team be the backup and have Brissett be the third stringer? i ask this because if you look at the packers you see Love as the backup aka the future starter, Tua on the dolphins is the backup for Fitz again future starter, then there's Hurts on the eagles behind wentz another one. These guys i mention wont start right away but at least they'll be ready when called upon i mean Herbert on the chargers has put up fine numbers these last two games and he never saw any Pre season action. So my question is why cant we have Eason be the one taking the snaps when were up by big margins instead of someone who wont be on the team after this season?
    • Cowherd think's it'll be as soon as this Friday after their Thursday night game. They're reportedly reaching out to coaching agents. 
    • Well that was disappointing.   Not that I wanted the Ravens to win but I was hoping for the game that was hyped so much.   
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