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Indianapolis Colts

NFL Player Name Game

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1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Andy Dalton

Dat Nguyen 

Just now, DEColtsLover36 said:

Desean Jackson

Jake Plummer

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Curtis Painter

Thanks for showing love to the Pocket and the Big 8


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2 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Jon Hand

Hugh Thornton 

Just now, PrincetonTiger said:

Byron Darby

Devin Bush

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12 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:


Devin Bush

Bob Sanders

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    • Cheating is cheating regardless of the penalties. Since Roger became comish the penalties have gotten out of hand for every team caught.
    • As long as the NFL and NFLPA are in agreement, that’s all that’s necessary to move forward, IMO.   Personally, would be a nice escape from reality to have football, even without fans, but not at the expense of someone’s health and eventual well being.   I also think it’s established that access to healthcare and resources mattered more for quicker treatment than just race. The socio economic status of NFL players and their access to resources should allow for quicker quarantine and treatment, IMO.
    • I don't think the typical masks we see everyday are suitable for many sports applications except maybe baseball. I'm sure though that someone could come up with a helmet with visor and turtleneck like elastic covering going down to the neck. If they can do that without fogging, it would be great.   Players, and teams for that matter, have the resources to be far more bubble like than the average citizen. The extremes the NBA is going to is an example. 
    • The great thing about the AFC is I see a lot of parity now. Chiefs and Ravens are the cream of the crop but beatable. I would set my over/under wins wise at:   Chiefs 11.5 - 11 or 12 is the question. They will lose at least 4. Ravens 11.5 - they will drop off a little IMO. Colts 9.5 Titans 9.5 Pats 9.5 Bills 9.5 Steelers 9.5 - if Ben stays healthy, they could win 10. Texans 8.5 Raiders 8.5 Broncos 7.5 Browns 7.5 lol -That is true parity.    The true stinky teams will be the Jags, Chargers, Dolphins, Jets, and Bengals IMO. I could see the Bengals winning maybe 7 if Burrow is the real deal. I just hope the Jags do not get the #1 pick because that will be Lawrence.
    • I had the Bills winning the division before the Pats got Cam. I now think the Pats will go 10-6 and squeak it out over the Bills. Bills still may go 10-6 too but my pick now is the Pats in the AFC East. With Stidham they had 8-8 written all over them and BB knew it IMO.
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