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This is fun, this a lot better than reading the 10 different threads on how JB sucks. Very refreshing. Thanks Dan.

Hank Baskett

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    • That is why I have little faith in them.  Yea their O may improve as the season moves along. However, this D has the ability to make Trubisky look like Marino. I will never buy into as scheme as taking us deep into the playoffs or if we will even make the play offs. Im sorry, but the Jags game was a huge loss for me. Loss to a weaker divsion. Looked severely out coached on defence. This is suppose to b an easy defence for players to learn. The only problem it appears is that it is easy for the opposing offences to learn as well. Also the one thing I absolutely detest is this.  I hear about how hard Eberflus is on the players in grading them after each game. He throws out little  jabs eluding to a players lack of effort in practice and they need ro pick it up. Seriously what has he brought to this D as a coordinator?? I think he needs to be graded and after 2 years and 2 games....meh!!!
    • Somebody on Jets forum suggested they take Lawrence then trade Darnold to Colts for 3rd 
    • Honestly for me, the verdict is still out on both Reich and Flus. Giving Reich a pass given the QB situation last year, but his game plan week 1 was almost as bad as 2019 Miami. Giving Flus a pass for last year, but that ends this year after signing Buckner.    I'm still chuckling over all the folks overreacting about our defense the first two games. Definitely reason for optimism, but we've not played good OLs or good teams. The OLs the nest two weeks aren't anything special either. No reason for us not to be #1 in team D after the first four weeks given the Os we're playing.
    • If the Jets have a top 2 pick and take Lawrence or Fields, how about going after Sam Darnold?  He hasn’t been in a good situation.  Who knows what he could do with a good offensive line and some capable skill players.  He was a 3rd overall pick after all.  Surely, there’s potential there.
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