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This is fun, this a lot better than reading the 10 different threads on how JB sucks. Very refreshing. Thanks Dan.

Hank Baskett

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    • Wow, I don't think anyone can match Mahomes skill set at QB at this stage.  To beat the Ravens, who's favored to go to the Super Bowl was taken to school by Mahomes.  The rate he's going, the Chiefs will beat out Brady's 6 Super Bowl rings before he retires. This guy is a generational talent, great future ahead of him...
    • We only ran more than passed the last two games, and overall, we've still thrown it slightly more than running.  We've not played any good Os thus far, and when we do, we'll need to throw more.   And Rivers is nothing like Grossman.    So no, not the 2006 Bears. I'm not really sure what we are yet. I don't think Reich knows either based on the extreme swings in game plans from W1 to W3.
    • Look at the Ravens with the flying V  
    • No.  Rivers isn't a game manager like Grossman, he's much better than that. Our OL is better than Chicago's 2006 OL was, but we don't really know we're a 'run first' team right now.  We threw 46 times in week 1, and were certainly a pass first team in at least 1/3 of our games so far.   Yes, we do have an old WR (TY) and some young WRs (though our top 2 are hurt in Pittman and Campbell).     Yes, we do have a solid front 7 (Okereke is the only one who has worried me much so far, and I think we'll get even better should Turay come back).  Hopefully our DBs can keep taking the ball away, but we had 0 picks in game 1... so I'm skeptical about saying we're going to be consistent in doing that (especially considering Cousins had a very bad game and the Jets stink).     We're missing the best returner in NFL history (Hester), though I think Dulin/Rodgers/Hines have potential to be good - I highly doubt any of them are going to be close to Hester.     In short, it's way too early in the season to compare us to any other team from the past... our D was awful in week 1, it's looked good since but against the Jets (arguably worst team in NFL) and the Vikes who definitely had an off day.  Frankly, I think we have potential to be significantly better than the 2006 Bears (regardless of if we make the SB or not), but this is a totally different NFL than it was 14 years ago.
    • Yup, like I said, wish we used the speed like they did. Just not that. The way they attack the edges is awesome. It really opens up the middle. 
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