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This is fun, this a lot better than reading the 10 different threads on how JB sucks. Very refreshing. Thanks Dan.

Hank Baskett

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    • I was just going by the NFL Gamebook.  And it looks like they are crediting the JB play as a sack.
    • Probably mixed up the response intended for someone else.      
    • Cousins won’t have those kind of problems facing this zone crippled Colts defense though. He will probably look more like the second coming of Fran Tarkenton.  
    • No one question his speed Jason, but there is more to running on the edges than initial straight line speed.  Equally if not more important is the cut up field, both the power of the cut and knowing when to do it.   I'm not trying to be obtuse.  I think JT was unimpressive running and I've said why.  I see your perspective.     I am skeptical.  I hope like every other wisco RB in the last 25 yrs, he's not dependent upon massive obvious holes to be effective in the running game that's all.  I might see something different this week, and I hope to.   And to be honest, if he was from any other school but Wisco, I'd probably be less skeptical.  Wisco is kinda like RB Bust U.  Interestingly, James White has been a decent pro but almost all in the passing game.  And Gordon's value came from the passing game.  He's only every had one season when he averaged more than 3.9 ypc.  
    • yeah I don't know anything about him either.  What I do know is I looked at nfl draft profiles from sites that I've grown to trust somewhat and none of them mentioned anything about lack of speed or inability to get around the edge.
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