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Browns HC Candidates had to agree to turn in game plans to owner and analytics by Friday


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McDaniels: I want to incorporate this system that lead us to 9 Super Bowls 

Halsem: That’s nice but I want this system that we have had success with the last 5 years.

McDaniels: What success?

Halsem: This isn’t going to work.

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    • ...and Trey Burton coming back possibly this week, would they potentially run HInes or maybe even Burton out of the slot at times, with TY and Pascal on the outside? Just trying to think of ways to get our best weapons on the field, and I would hate to MAC lose a ton of reps at TE since he has played so well and Rivers seems to have a nice connection with him.
    • I agree to the nth degree. with this assessment.  JB is a distraction and there is something wierd about his pay, his status, him coming in as an option QB on a 4th down, etc.   If you are trying to develop a QB, what better time than garbage time v the woeful Jets?
    • I would. I'd even say if we were heading into the Superbowl, I'd take Eason over Brissett.  why? The unknown QB can give teams a fit, if that QB steps up to it.  And it sounds like Eason is putting that work in big time.     Now, if the decision would be between Kelly and Brissett, that one for me gets more challenging. I think I'd still go Kelly but the fact that the coaches have him relegated to the PS speaks of less confidence in him than Eason. That said, I think I'd still go Kelly over Brissett.  Not because Brissett is worse than Kelly, but again, teams know Brissett can't or wont force it down field and isn't good at things.  Kelly i think is a much better scheme fit to Riech's scheme than Brissett. 
    • Understandable.  Would you feel the same way, assuming JB and Eason are both healthy, and we were in a playoff hunt?  Meaning that every game is important.    I have nothing against Eason.  But no one can argue that he hasn't been tested in the NFL.  That needs to happen.  The real question is - when?
    • I think you might be overestimating the talent on the field if you are unimpressed with Reich.  There are some head scratchers he calls sometimes especially Hines in short yardage, but I don't think the talent we have on the field right now is going to be the type of squad putting up gaudy offensive numbers.  Another thing, I don't understand is limiting MACs snaps.  He mauls people in the running game and is huge, athletic and had good hands.  I'm guessing his route running is a weakness, but come on.  The dude needs to play a lot. Mack's departure has really hurt this team offensivley IMO.    I have a hard time beleiving that the OLine is not creating opportunities to run the ball more effectively, but I have not watched tape to confirm my belief.   Reich had been a really good offensive coach IMO with all he's had to try to deal with quite a few unexpected issues.   Our personnell choices are pretty limited right now in general.  
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