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4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Ravens 27 Titans 13

Chiefs 31 Texans 23

Packers 24 Seahawks 20

Vikings 23 49ers 19 (my upset special)


Just curious if these did happen who would you see going to SB?

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5 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

Just curious if these did happen who would you see going to SB?

I have KC winning it all, so probably KC and GB. Vikes winning 3 straight road games is unlikely but I loved the way they played against the Saints.

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    • Penn State’s Pat Freiermuth and Florida’s Kyle Pitts - we can get one of those first round TEs. Cole Kmet fell to No.43, Gronk was top of Round 2, I think that’s our true long term TE answer, the draft.
    • I've got a different take on these clips than Zack Hicks does.  In nearly every clip, #54 Anthony Walker is either overpursuing or making a misread, resulting in the play exploiting whatever he did wrong.  We see him racing the RB for the edge of the formation, abandoning the growing gap in the line, but when he follows the RB back to the gap, he's out of position and being blocked by a guard.  If he would have filled that gap, even if he had the guard all over him, it may have convinced the RB to continue to stretch out to the edge, where our DE looked to have pretty good contain.  In each clip, Walker seems to be learning all over again how to play linebacker.  I'm gonna blame it on his jersey number.  Never switch jersey numbers in the middle of your career on the same team.
    • I liked this article. Definitely highlights the problem areas.   I guess maybe one bright side (or maybe not) is that the big plays (touchdowns) were primarily a resultant of mental errors or miscommunications. Those are coachable.   The big miss by Rhoades on the TD where he completely bit on a PA play he had no business biting on - I didn’t realize this real-time and man watching that hurt my soul. Just terrible. Maybe he really is washed up. He was touted as a guy that lost speed but was a promising zone coverage guy in our scheme. Good zone DBs do not whiff that bad mentally especially when you don’t have the physical abilities to make up for it. 
    • I believe Frank is trying to make Hines a Darren Sproles. So much so he's not able to use him properly.    Im not saying I know how.    Right now Reich needs to prove it to me that he's a good coach. I am worried about repeats of completely unprepared football... they could do great for a while... but eventually its like there is this looming figure of a team that lays an egg every once in a while. 
    • I wont feel confident vs any opponent until Eberflus fields a D that is competitive.
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