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How many 4th quarter comebacks did JB have this year

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You guys are forgetting game 1, where he did lead a comeback (although Mack did the heavy lifting) but the team lost in OT.


Also he did lead the team all the way back against the Titans in week 2 IIRC.  Once again there was a big run, to set it up but Brissett finished the drive off.


If Vinateiri had been his old self there would have been 2 more comeback wins, one in week 1, another against the Steelers

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    • Where so u get that Smith will male 10 million a year? Have looked at the top  right tackle salaries? This Oline is bout to get very expensive. So alot of our cap will be in our Oline and a WSL. How will we invest in the skill positions?
    • From Microsoft Sports: Indianapolis Colts The Colts took a big swing by trading for Carson Wentz for a third-round pick and a conditional second-rounder, and will now be dedicating all of their resources to helping him find his game again. But there is no guarantee that will work, nor is there a guarantee Wentz will be 100 percent healthy all year given his laundry list of ailments suffered under center in the NFL. They'll want a reliable backup. They'd likely even be willing to offer a few million more than the veteran minimum for such services. Smith can offer that. Indy is the best balance of winning and a chance to play that Smith has. If the Wentz experiment works out, the Colts will be legitimate title contenders and a Super Bowl ring is one of the few boxes Smith has yet to check in his lengthy football career. If Wentz gets hurt, it'll be Smith leading the charge. If Wentz stinks from Week 1 on and the Colts have no shot at the playoffs, there's a very good chance they bench Wentz for the final five games of the season to avoid sending Philadelphia a first-round pick instead of a second-round pick next year. Which means playing time for Smith. As close to a win-win Smith could find if he wants the best of both worlds.
    • Believe it or not, the buzz I’ve read in Meinerz is not late Day 3....    but Day 2.   And that's based on a D3 kid Tampa drafted about 5 years ago.   An interior OL named Ali Meipart.   He had a very good Senior Bowl week and was taken late R2.  In the early 60’s.   Scouts think if Meipart can make the jump, so can Meinerz.   So look for him to probably go sometime Day 2.    I know the mock simulators show him on Day 3,  but those don’t typically get accurate until sometime in April. 
    • Yeah it seems that if he gets beat off the LOS and the receiver gets a step on him, he panics because he don't have good recovery speed. I think he needs to work harder on his technique and keep his concentration. Ballard will kind of need to see a marked improvement from him next year. He gave up some big plays last year that killed us at times (Steelers, Titans) or nearly killed us (Green Bay).
    • While i think Pinter could be a serviceable center I would much rather DOS a true center. Pinter went from a TE to RT and now possibly a RG in the future. There is a lot more involved in the centers job then just snapping the ball so i would prefer someone more proficient at it.
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