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GM's End of Season Press Conference

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I must have missed it but where is all the Carr talk coming from? Did Gruden say hes available (wouldn't surprise me with him)? 


If were talking about acquiring a QB under contract Id be on the phone with the Lions asking what it would take to get Stafford (assuming hes healthy).

 Hes 31 years old (about the same age as Luck) and could play a long time here. 

 Hes an elite passer.

 We can absorb the cap hit. 

 The Lions won 3 games this year and may be ready to start over.

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    • Out of curiosity, who do you think will be starting over Okereke?  I think we'll see a lot of dime/nickel packages which will make him or Walker come out of the game.. but if I had to guess, I'd think the starting LBs this year will be Leonard, Walker and Bobby O (I think he's certainly capable of being an upgrade to Adams or Franklin -- and right now, https://www.colts.com/team/depth-chart#scroll-defense, the depth chart has him listed as our starting SAM).     Rivers has played with Sproles and Ekeler and utilized them both very well... I think Reich said something about Hines having potential to develop into a Sproles-like player when he was first drafted.. I expect Hines and Rivers will form a solid bond and we'll see Hines (and Campbell) as kind of all-purpose guys on this offense.     If he wasn't a pro-athlete and his uncle wasn't a HOFer, nobody would talk about what Kelly did.  Not saying it's right or wrong, but I imagine many posters on this board have gotten drunk and did something stupid or regrettable at least once in their life time.         Not sure how old you are, but I highly doubt you went through the ages of 18-22 without doing something questionable.  You probably weren't a D-1 football player with a HOF Uncle, so nobody probably really cared to judge you on a public forum.   ____________________________________________________   I think we're going to see a lot of breakout players this year.  The thing Reich talks about a lot is that there will be some weeks where guys will play major roles and others where they will be pretty quiet.  Reich and Sirianni seem to be very adaptable with their offense and they stress the fact that we don't have selfish players on the team.  I think we'll see guys like Hines and Campbell play huge roles in some games and in others we'll hardly see them on the field.   Here's my list:   Hines -- not only as an RB/flex type of guy, but as a returner.  He really became impressive late last year as a punt returner.  If he keeps that up, I could see him being a pro-bowler as a return specialist.  I also see Rivers being able to utilize him a lot better than Brissett did on offense.   Campbell -- kid is a freak athlete.  He showed flashes of being able to play a very versatile role in the offense when healthy last year.... he just needs to keep himself on the field instead of in the trainer's office.   Ya-Sin -- he really came on late last year.  With additions of Buckner, development from Banogu and Turay and our LBers, we have (on paper) a better pass rush.  Should make Ya-Sin's life a lot easier.   Tell -- I was mostly impressed by him last year and he made a position change from college.  I think we'll see him on the field a lot more this year, and if I had to guess he'll be covering bigger TEs quite a bit.   Braden Smith -- Big Q gets a lot of media hype and credit (well deserved), but I don't think Smith is too far off from being a pro-bowl caliber OL.  With the addition of Rivers and the rookie RB, I think our whole OL is going to get a lot more credit this year.   TY -- If he stays healthy, I think the improved QB play is really going to benefit him.   Okereke  -- I see him taking a starting role and really improving.  He played very well last year, especially late in the season.  With a better DL in front of him and more experience, I expect him to really blossom.   Walker -- The addition of Buckner should make AW's life a bit easier.. again, Leonard gets a lot of well deserved credit and attention from our LB corps, but Walker quietly had a very solid year last year.   Hooker -- Contract year and an improved pass rush should really help him out.  Also, I expect the development of Ya-Sin and Tell, with a healthy Kenny Moore and the additions of Rhodes and others, Hooker will have more help from his DB unit as a whole.   Willis -- he had a very solid rookie year, I think his athleticism has him near his 'ceiling' early in his career, but again, improved play in front of him should help him out.   EJ Speed -- Ballard says he's as athletic of an LBer that we have, but came from a small school and was raw as a rookie.  I don't know how much time he'll get on D, but I expect him to be on the field more there and also to excel on STs.   Turay -- he was coming on last year... the addition of Buckner drawing attention from OLs should really help our entire DL.  Turay's workout videos look as though he's really putting in work... hopefully he stays healthy. Banogu -- like Turay, the guy is a very solid athlete who was pretty raw coming out of college.  I anticipate he'll make a similar jump in year 2.   Xavier Rhodes -- not sure if I'd call it a breakout year, as he's been an all-pro before.  Even though he was a probowler last year, it was his worst season to date.. I think he'll fit in very well with this D.   Grover Stewart -- He was a project pick and really started to develop last year.  I think having Buckner next to him will really help him step up.   Autry -- Hunt played pretty terrible last year (or at least digressed from his 2018), and I don't think it had positive effects on Autry.. having Buckner and a healthy Turay along with Justin Houston and others should really help him out.   Le'Raven Clark -- I don't know if he'll see the field, but I won't be shocked at all if replaces Glow, or if Smith moves to RG and Clark moves to RT.     Trey Burton -- he's a Reich guy and (if healthy) I think he can be a very good fit on this offense.   Asthon Dulin -- Don't think he'll be on the field much on O, but he was definitely improving last year.  I do, however, think he'll crack our roster and contribute significantly on STs.   Reece Fountain/Pascal -- I think these guys will be in the 4-6 WR roles, but, with improved QB play and with the addition of Pittman and Patmon, and the hopeful healthiness of TY and Pascal, I think when these guys are on the field, they'll have a lot better chance of being put in favorable matchups.  I thought Pascal played well last year, but with JB digressing as the season went on and with him sometimes being utilized as our #1 WR, I don't think he had the best situation.   Marlon Mack -- I don't know that his stats will go up, per se... but I think with the addition of Taylor (both taking workload off Mack and being a different type of back), that when Mack gets his number called, he's going to be very successful.   *I won't be shocked if Fountain and/or Dulin don't make the team, but if they do, I think they'll be all right for us and improved from last year (maybe not 'breakouts', but certainly should be in better positions with improved QB play and supporting cast).
    • Very glad to see how much influence Mathis has had on Turay.  It's always cool to see an ex-Colt great contributing and helping out our young talent.  Seems as though Reggie helps a bit, but I don't recall anyone like Mathis who remained so involved with the horseshoe and helping develop young talent so much.   Also, very cool to hear how appreciative Turay is of Mathis.  He seems like a good dude.
    • Part of what makes a player great over his career is longevity.  The rule of thumb I have always heard for HOF selection is 'a decade of dominance.'  Unless you really change the game, you have to have ~a decade of being an elite player to get in (an exception may be a guy like Megatron, because his combo of size, speed, power, hands, etc. in some ways revolutionized the game of football).   Leonard is certainly off to a good start.. and by a stats comparison, a better start than Lewis.  Lewis was not an all-pro (first or second team) as a rookie.  He was 2nd team in his 2nd and 3rd years, and again in 2010.  He was first team 7 times.   Leonard was a first team all pro as a rookie, which is very rare.  He was 2nd team in year 2, a year in which he missed 3+ games.  Leonard was the defensive rookie of the year (Simeon Rice got that award when Lewis was a rookie).  At the same points in their careers, Leonard has proven to be better at causing turnovers (his INT numbers are outstanding for a LBer)... but, he also plays in a different scheme and a different position (most of the time), so that's hard to really judge.   Lewis was a 2x NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  Leonard has not done that yet.  I don't doubt that he's capable of it, but he hasn't.  Lewis was a 2x Superbowl Champion and a 1x SB MVP, both things which Leonard hasn't accomplished.  Lewis was a 13x pro-bowler.. like Leonard, he missed out his rookie year.  Lewis is also on the 2000's all-decade team as the best at his position during that decade.   In terms of off-field stuff, Leonard seems to have less baggage than Lewis did at a young age.  That said, Lewis did seem to clean up his act after that alleged murder incident.  He also seems to be a pretty solid guy now and has several charities and does a lot for young minority communities.     In terms of on-field leadership, Lewis was outstanding.  I don't know how long that took, as I don't follow Baltimore as intensely as I do Indy (i.e., was he a captain in his second year and a tremendous leader of men as a rookie? I don't know).  Leonard, was named team captain in his 2nd year, and he was a leader right out of the gates.  From all interviews and things I've read, his coaches and teammates view him as the leader of the Indy D and seemingly have after just a few games as a rookie -- that's rare.   In short, Leonard is off to a heckuva start to his career.... but, let's hold off on comparing him to a first-ballot HOFer.  If he keeps it up for another 8-12 years, this thread deserves to be revisited.  
    • I am not calling Barkley a choker because when he went to  Philly they were not the same team that had won the finale in 1983. When he played for Phoenix they were a 50% team. His last 4 years with Houston he only stated 152 games in four years due to injury. He averaged 22.1 pts and 11.7 rebounds in his career. In the playoffs he averaged 23 pts and 12.9 rebounds.  He was the rebound leader in 1987 at 6'5".  He was the MVP in 1993. He also was the team leader for both Gold Medals in the Olympics in 1992 and 1996.  Sorry IMO those are not choker numbers. 
    • I find it very unlikely a team signs Kelly off our practice squad. If we want to run 3 QBs and keep Kelly on the PS we probably can.
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