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Name's that stand out to me are Austin Hooper, he would be a significant upgrade to Eric Ebron imo. 


Jack Conklin, even if Castonzo decides not to retire. Can never have too much quality oline depth and the kid is good. 


Any of the edge defenders that may hit FA, tho that's the least likely position, probably along with QB. 


Robby Anderson would be a great field stretcher opposite TY Hilton. It would be really hard for teams to defend TY and Robby mid-to-deep while Campbell, Doyle, and Hooper wreaked havoc underneath. 

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Melvin Gordon, Chargers RB--- He's the type of rb that could really help us. He runs hard and can catch as good as a WR.


Emmanuel Sanders, San Francisco 49ers WR-- Fast and strong, really looks good for SF. Would be a major upgrade.


Hunter Henry, Chargers-- IMO the best TE available. Major upgrade over the 2019 Ebron. Paired with Doyal we'd have a great TE on every play.




Dante Fowler Jr., Los Angeles Rams DE-  Reminds me of a young Houston, a huge sack force.


Leonard Williams, New York Giants DT-- Been a bit of a disappointment, but he's young, quick and talented.


Chris Harris Jr., Broncos CB- getting up in age, so a 3 year deal would be the max. Shut down corner..

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    • Kerrigan was upset that he took a backup role with WFT and wanted to be an every down player.  Kerrigan would be a great addition to our Colts and seemed to be very comparable in terms with Houston if not better imo.  Yes Kerrigan is from Indiana and I have been hoping we signed Kerrigan in FA for a while now.  We clearly need proven depth at DE and Kerrigan will provide that.  Right now we have Paye and Muhammad as the clear starters and outside of a healthy Turay I can't trust Bangou and we all know Dayo will be a scratch most of the season.
    • Think the Colts bottom line lacks proven depth at our Edges to an extent.  I do think that Paye, Buckner, Stewart, and Muhammad will be the starters and Turay when healthy flashed real potential in rotations.  After that we don't have proven rotational guys on the edges and Ben is going to be a FA in 2023, assuming we let him go, plus Turay will be a FA next off-season.  It makes sense for the Colts to beef up their DL since we failed to do so in the past few off-seasons and appears we didn't draft that well either.    Depending on how well Wentz plays and which round we start off our draft I wouldn't be surprised if the Colts targeted another top DE.  My early draft projections favorites for DE are Myjai Sanders (Cincinnati), Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan) and George Karlaftis (Purdue).  If we had to sign one FA DE next season I would consider Uchenna Nwosu (Chargers).
    • As previously stated I think it's primarily money now.  He will not play as many snaps as Houston did last year due to Paye and Turay getting back to health.  I think the money is earmarked for Fisher now.
    • Again hindsight is 20:20 but essentially that is what the difference amounts to.   I truly believe it comes down to how folks evaluate Fields and Wentz.    If someone loves Fields then that's the way it should go especially w his cheaper rookie contract.   If someone believes Wentz can be a top-15 QB again (not even the MVP 2017 version but just the Top-15 2018-2019 version) then a lot of times the idea of giving up a potential top-notch pass rusher along w another pick is hard to stomach.   I actually have some faith in Wentz so I am ok with what we did. Fields is awfully enticing though. I hope he works out well for Chicago and that more importantly Chicago works out well for him.    
    • I was for Wentz early, one of the first here. And knew if Eagles were foolishly getting rid of him, he would be more easily acquired than a Fields,Wilson etc... I think we lucked into getting  Wentz and he will be a good QB for us.   But I didn't think Fields, my favorite QB draftee would fall to 11.. and I would have been thrilled & excited if we moved up to get Fields.   It is what it is and be happy we have Wentz and not Brissett, Dalton, etc...
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