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Just now, coltfaninnewyork said:

Ballard love to hear your excuse for this bum 

Brissett was supposed to be the backup.  Luck was the starter until he decided to unexpectedly retire a week before the season started.  That didn’t leave Ballard much time to react.

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17 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

Hoyer and Kelly ATE NOT a step up, or even equal.  

I don’t think the blame is solely on Brissett, but also don’t think that he’s the answer, not at all. No bueno.

Question: Hoyer is bad, many knew that before we signed him, but how can you say that Kelly is not a step up or equal? His preseason play was limited and against backups, I get that, but he was a pretty good qb in college when he played. What have you seen from his available tape that would make you say he’s worse then Brissett? Experience? Maturity? I’m just curious.

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2 minutes ago, Wyldhorsefan said:

I glad some one else see this. I've said this for some time now.

So how would that explain the Colts #4 rushing attack and the first half of the season them being considered one of the best in the league? 

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